Caramel Covered Ghost Hunt

My brain is like caramel right now. Thick, rapidly cooling, salted caramel. Which incidentally is what I used to keep me awake on my drive home from the ghost hunt I went on last night. I had a salted caramel lollipop that was fantabulous. This, along with dancing like a crazy bird, kept my eyelids propped open long enough to get me home alive and safe at roughly 5:30 a.m. this morning.

I want to point out that my kid decided this means her papa and I are party-animals, being other parents come home earlier that we do. Shrug. She might be right.

We were up in Stanwood at a quaint tavern and hotel. For those unfamiliar, Stanwood is about a two-hour drive from where I live. Alright, alright, I’m totally exaggerating. It’s only one-hour. But it was the longest one-hour drive of my freaking life, what with horrible rain on the way there, and being oh so tired on the way back. But it was all worth it.

Back to the ghost hunt. We got there early for a little Stanwood tour. The first thing I saw was a cool bar that used to be a fire station:


We had hoped to visit an antique shop that is reported to be haunted, but, that didn’t pan out. Instead, we hung out and had a nice time waiting for the beautiful (and tall!!) tavern crowd to depart and leave us with our ghosts. Finally, amid many a slurred shout and drunken song that wafted up to us from outside the hotel, we attempted our first go-through.

After awhile the happy people went where ever it is that you go on a Saturday night when you’re too tipsy to drive, and we were left to our research. We were very careful to make sure all of our investigation was done in small groups, as to not overwhelm the area under inspection. There were some special experiments that I’m curious to see the results of.

All in all we had a great time, a successful investigation, and a safe drive home by all. It will be great to hear the outcome of everyone’s EVP’s, videos and photos.

Funny how this works; writing this blog cleared my brain quite a bit. I’d say it’s more like salted caramel sauce now ;-). Mmm. That sounds good doesn’t it?

A Little Bit Paranormal

Hello from the couch of misfortune. It feels like I’m at sea right now. The boat (couch) won’t stop rocking and my head is all wonky. Too much fun last night mixed with the tail ends of a cold.

I feel like talking about paranormal today. Yesterday the husband and I had a discussion about some study he had read that “debunked” people’s outer-body experiences. Loosely explained, their brain activity was the same while they were experiencing outer-body phenomenon as those that were influenced by drugs and hallucinations. Because of this they declared outer-body events non-paranormal.

When I think about this logically I’m brought to the actual definition of paranormal: very strange and not able to be explained by what scientists know about nature and the world.

Up until I read this I hadn’t connected my personal definition of this word with telekinetics and psychics. I viewed paranormal a little different: Unexplained phenomenon, usually pertaining to death. I know this is a personal standpoint, but it felt more authentic than any I’d read. I guess you could say I had an aha moment.


So we had a discussion about how a scientific study could void out such a thing, when by definition paranormal is scientifically unexplained. Herm. What I’m wondering though, is about the definition of the word paranormal as seen above. It seems it is widely accepted, but, what if they perceive the definition more like I did? So lets just say you have the ability to test an outer-body episode and you believe that you need to die to have one. Then when your test subject doesn’t die, but still has the brain activity showing that something did happen. Are you wrong? Are they wrong? Just thinking out loud here.

The husband came up with an alternative plan. Since everything is made out of energy, how far is it a stretch that people having outer-body experiences are extending their energy out of their body and “seeing” beyond. It’s more complicated than that, but there’s the gist of it.

I buy it.

Which brings to mind why I started typing today. Many years ago I got entranced with ghosts. It’s all over this blog so I won’t go into it. However, it started with a haunting that whet my appetite. Then I thought, “Hey, I can use this for my writing.” I even tried to contact the very people I’m volunteering with now, without luck. And then, last summer happened. I witnessed death for the first time. It was cold and empty and startling. I decided that no, I don’t want to write about ghosts in a fictional manner. I want to research them for real.

Which brings me here, to this part of my life. Volunteering with AGHOST, using scientific experiments and devices to explain things that appear to be paranormal events. Attempting to debunk the data we find. And for me at least, looking for life beyond.

It has occurred to me that we are all broken, those of us doing this research. We are all looking for something different, yet the same. Don’t get me wrong, these people are some of the nicest you’ll ever meet. I enjoy their company. But this thread that’s pulling us together? It’s variegated and made of many different intentions and desires. All except one. To do this in the most scientific way possible, to create a base of knowledge for those that come after us.

And you know, it’s kind of cool too :-).

The storm that’s raging in my head is still going strong. I’m surprised I could write anything at all. Hoping tomorrow brings blue skies and calm seas.

Teeny Tiny Update

Well – some things are changing here in my writing world. I guess it’s better to tell you that than to leave you hanging, right?

I basically gave up the ghosts that were Off Balance and Going In. Both were valiant efforts, both good stories, characters yadda yadda yadda. But they weren’t “it.” Maybe some day I’ll run out of material and I’ll go back and edit the crap out of them and turn them into something. But until then, It’s time to move on. I’m still working on the ghost writing piece, and I have some other projects in the fire. But that about sums it up.

As for ghost hunting, my first effort didn’t come to fruition due to snow up in them there hills. And up North. Very sad making. But, I’ll get to go in a few weeks, so that will work out.

Soon my sweet man will be on a three-week business trip and I will probably either be totally depressed and you won’t hear from me at all, or I’ll be so bored I’ll write here every day :-). I’m curious which would bother you more.

Let’s see, other than that, I’m battling my Bunny Wabbit’s disgust with school and then book-keeping and taxes in general.

Pretty exciting, huh?

The Grumpy Goddess

I’m having one of those weeks where nothing is going wrong. Yup, you read that right. All the stars are aligned; everything that is supposed to happen has fallen right in place. I’m even having unexpected moments of pure unadulterated joy. So why am I grumpy then?

Good gravy there’s a multitude of reasons. None of which I feel like talking about. So once again I’m mainlining the vitamin D, B12 and fish oil. I’m making sure to not miss an exercise day.

Oh wait, here’s one thing that made me want to pop someone. I was at the gym and this guy – a trainer – is complaining to another guy that he can’t seem to gain weight. He wants to gain weight by summer. He only weighs 190 (said in a whiny voice.) Poor baby. I wanted to yell at him “Here, I’ve got some weight for you buddy.” I could have delivered it with that punch I was physically restraining myself from delivering to his sincere face.

The taxes can go ef themselves too. And the oil change my car is telling me it wants. Also? The dishwasher breaking down didn’t help anything. But wait, there’s more… that I’m not going to talk about because I’m not willing to depress myself any more. Who am I kidding, I mean piss myself off.

Anyhow, I’m going to shake it off so I can briefly give you an update. I got to meet the band members from Walk Off The Earth after their concert (I almost passed out when Marshall said hello to me in his low seductive voice – think Joey from Friends. Oh Gawd I think I was a blabbering idiot. Bonking head. Dumb dumb dumb.)


Anyways! There’s steak and chard for dinner – rumbly tummy waiting for it. I’m getting a new dishwasher tonight. AND I’m going ghost hunting for real this Saturday night. That will be amazing.

So there are good things on the horizon, to top off my already phenomenal week. I just need to keep focusing on that.

‘Cause a grumpy Goddess? Not a good thing I tell you.

A Quick Throwback Moment, ‘Cause its Thursday, Yo.

It’s the beginning of the school year, 1983, and I’m on the cusp of turning 14. I’ve been a slave to pop music, common radio junk that’s been force-fed to me by the radio. I am recovering from hillbilly rock and the trailing ends of disco at this point – Michael Jackson is trying really hard to get me to like his stuff.

My mom had just remarried and we had moved to a new town, a new High School that was 8th through 12th grade. I’ve always been the kid on the fringe, so this was nothing new to me. A girl comes up to me on my first day of High School, sees me sitting by myself, and we start to talk. She’s a Michael Jackson fan, of course. Strike one. But we become fast friends anyway.

A month (or few?) later we walked to her house after school, probably a good five miles away, up in the hills. She pulled out her step-dad’s records of Van Halen and The Police, and I found music for what felt like the first time.

Here’s one of the songs we listened to that first time we dug into his stash. An interesting side note, it’s supposedly written about Carl Jung’s theory of Synchronicity, a philosopher I’d study ten years later in college, not making the connection to this influential song.

Happy end of week to you.