Too Busy!

We just spent our last day in Venezia Italy. Tomorrow we start the long journey home, through Paris. We’ve had a great time but oh my goodness does sleeping in our own beds sound beyond good. I’ll get back to posting pics when I get home. I’m afraid texting blogs has tried my last bit of patience. More to come for sure!


Our last day in France was a busy one. We got up bright and early and got on our first toll way. We drove to Carcassonne, then spent our evening in Toulouse.


Obligatory foreign soda photo.

Another can of foreign soda. Funny name :-).

Our friends had called up an old school buddy and had them meet us there. We learned a little bit of history and enjoyed the city immensely. So much so that next time we go to visit our friends in the South of France we will do a slightly longer stay in Toulouse to soak up a little more of their culture.


Beautiful brick building in Toulouse.

The city is nicknamed the pink city for all the brick buildings.


Toulouse cafe

One of my many favorite parts of France is the many cafes. This was the last one we visited. What makes cafes  even better in France 1) they have coffee AND cheap beer and 2) all of the beautiful architecture to look at while you sip your cheap beer.

We only stayed the night there to make the car return and arriving at the airport easier, which it did. It was sad to leave France but very exciting to head to Italy.

That’s next.


Of all the the things I’ve learned while we are traveling: history, managing bus and train travel, what to bring with you when going on vacation, I think how to hand-wash clothes is my favorite.  No,  seriously.

There hasn’t been a washing machine in over a week. Even when there has been one there hasn’t been a drier. So I hand wash when I need to, The Husband wrings them out and we hang them up together. Team work.

At the end of a washing session my forearms are tight, my arms satisfyingly tired. The feeling is vaguely familiar. So vague, in fact, that it’s taken me weeks to make the connection: this is how I feel after a good workout. Yes, it’s been that long – a month and a half maybe.

Apparently I’m missing working out, not enjoying the handwashing. If I didn’t just buy laundry detergent I’d be all over dropping and doing 20. Erm. Or 10. Or at least a modified military press or 2. Wait, what’s a military press again?

Actually,  we broke down and visited a lavanderia today. The humidity is too high for our clothes to dry properly. This might be a trend.  I’ve heard stories of roadside washers and driers along the motor way. We just might need to visit one of these.

Here’s to clean clothes. And working out :-).

The Last Pics of South of France

It was so hard to narrow these picks down.


A modern church: 77 years old. Not sure what part of Agen we were in. It was stunning to see  a newer structure made mostly of brick.


This is a shot from a restored ancient village also in a part of Agen. The buildings where built 6 feet apart to help with preventing fire spread.



A monkerey. Yeah I know that’s not a word :-). This is a very old building where the monks of Moirax lived. We might have still been in Aubiac here but ii could have been just outside.



This looks like candied bacon right?  No? I think we miss bacon. It’s really candied papaya.



We found the papaya at Carcassonne. A million magnificent photos exist for this place,  Google it and you’ll see. For me my camera was flirting with ghosts. It barely worked while we were there. I kept getting photos of orbs or simply black or white shots or scenes I hadn’t even framed. Ross Allison shared that indeed the castle et al is haunted. Glad it wasn’t just me.


Giant Nutella.

Last photo from this area: the largest container of Nutella I’ve ever seen. This should make at least a few of you smile.

Next up: the rouge city; Toulouse.


I made a list of books I wanted to read on this trip. It was only 5 books long. But when we went to pack I began to see that they wouldn’t all fit in my suitcase. 3 ended up on our trip. Now we are 2 weeks in and I’ve started Dark Lover, finished Divergent and I’m so excited to start another I can’t recall the name of tomorrow.

Only that means I’ll be done reading before we even make it to our long flight home. Note to self: only bring books on our trip next time.  Who needs clothes anyways?  You only have to  wash them. This after handwashing 5 mini loads with the husband’s help, of course.

The husband pointed out a flaw in my book love – erm, I mean packing philosophy. Someone invented digital readers – and that *might* make more sense than going naked. Coming from him that’s saying a lot. Maybe he’s right. Or maybe the heat would be more tolerable sans clothes. I might scare everyone, though. Small price to pay right?

Anyhow, we’re sleeping near the Vatican for a few nights. I’ll try and blog the rest of the S France pics during another break.