Teeny Tiny Tantrum

Okay, I’ve had enough.

I don’t know if you are in a cave hiding on your moss sofa and have missed all of this bullshit going on – but I’m guessing if you are reading this that I don’t need to give y’all details. Can’t even watch a new movie and read the reviews without getting blasted with some bullshit or another.

It’s hard out there as it is, being a human. Love is hard. Growing up is hard. Raising kids is hard. Having family is hard. Supporting your family is hard. Why is everyone going off the deep end and forgetting that we are all, every freaking one of us, fighting the same battle?

Did aliens come and invade when I wasn’t looking and take everyone’s compassion and common sense? Fuck our wasted, poisoned bodies. They just took the only things we had going for us. Oh wait. Did we ever have common sense?

I’m betting that the majority of you are hated for one reason or another.

Pick your poison.

You’re hated in this society of you are a woman.

Hated for the color of your skin.

Hated if you’re part of the LGBTQ community.

Hated if you are in an interracial relationship.

Hated if you are a policeman.

Hated if you are overweight.

Hated if you are handicapped.

Hated if you follow a different religion than others.

Hated if you are poor.

Hated if you are my next-door neighbor.

Did I miss anyone? Obviously, but don’t most of us fall into a category that someone out there hates?

Dear God what has this world come to? Why did I have kids again?

What utter and complete nonsense.

We are NOT new – this human race. We *should* have become more evolved beings by now. *Should* have a safe place for everyone to live. But we don’t.

I just want to scream.

#blacklivesmatter #policelivesmatter #lgbtqlivesmatter

Incase you haven’t figured it out yet: #allmarginalizedfolkmatter

And we HAVE to stand up for them. Because if we don’t, who will?


That is all.

***Edited to add: This is not one of those posts saying that all lives matter. This is directly related to the hate crimes/horrible online flaming going on simply because someone has brown skin – or another topic near and dear to my heart – they belong to the LGBTQ community. If the angry folks could just understand that there is more to life than segregating us, that we are all fighting the same battles, maybe it would help in some way. I don’t know. I just don’t know where folks morals went. And everyone was all up in arms about who was sleeping with who – but killing or harming innocent folks is okay?


Ghost Cats Who Read

I am a sad little mess today. It’s been almost a month since my kitty left us and didn’t come home. A busy sad little mess, yes, having not only three manuscripts I’m critiquing and editing (Two out of three done! Woo hoo!) but we just got back from camping AND a writers workshop. Then there’s the fact that by day I’m also helping the Pacific Northwest Writers Association put their conference on. Its next week. Eeks! Oh yeah, and reading my book club book. Can’t forget that.

Deep sigh.

For a while I saw ghost mice everywhere. Camouflaged cats too.

I went for at least two walks a day looking for her after she left us, for the first two weeks. Once I saw a dead mole. I was like, SEE? My cat is ALIVE! She used to bring us baby moles and little mice and baby rabbits almost every day. It was truly disgusting but we were honored that it was us she was giving these obvious gifts of love to.

We only had her for 2 years, an old stray by nature, she had quite the sordid past when it came to owners. Suffice it to say we weren’t her first. I will never forget the day Ms. Kitty did me the honor of sleeping with me for the first time. That first night she waltzed into our bedroom, jumped onto our bed and stomped across. She was all muscle, her paws digging painfully into my organs as she crossed, finally throwing herself across my chest, and nuzzling my lips with her mouth. It took me a while to realize that she was trying to give me a human kiss. I about died I was so charmed.

And then I remembered watching her lick those dead bunnies. Ew.

She did everything in that manner, with her whole heart. She wouldn’t sit in your lap, she’d turn daintily and then fall into you, landing almost vertical, making sure she could feel your heart beat. I’d have to hold her up sometimes because she was so precariously perched, but she didn’t care. I knew she loved me with everything she had.

We have some new neighbors who are kind of dicks. Their large dog got ahold of TK when they “accidentally” let him off leash and “gently” got her in his muzzle. She was pissed, scratched him, which put an end to that attack pretty quick. There were some minor flesh wounds and we thought she was okay. But a week later, the same jerk’s little dog (they have/had 3) got out and chased my poor little Tiger. We haven’t seen her since. I’m heart broken.

She was my muse for Gods sakes. She was the one that made all the assholes in the world easier to deal with.

Oh Gah.

I hate people.

Except you. I love you. Really.

Just not my next-door neighbor. And a whole host of other assholes. But not you.


The Save the Cat Beat Sheet Workshop this past weekend was stellar. The long and short of it is that a very talented writing coach helped a handful of us massage our ideas and turn them into something that folks actually want to hear about/read/watch, using the Save the Cat technique. I brought an old manuscript idea that I thoroughly destroyed when I tried to write it. I really blew that one to hell. Thanks to our writing group I think I have a good grasp on where to go with it now. It was worth every penny. I highly recommend taking one if you ever get the chance. Only, now I’m a bit depleted. So worth it though.

Luckily I had STORM FRONT, our book club book, in my hot little hands while traveling. It is so good. I’m maybe 2 chapters from the end. I’m gonna sticky my last post that I started some comments on to the top of this blog. I’ll hold off on putting up more questions until I’ve finished. But oh man. So glad this was the first book for our Book Club of the First. Its helping me forget about the little lady disappearing.

Damn it all.

Except it isn’t helping right now.

Maybe its time for a glass of wine?


STORM FRONT Discussion Part 1

Hello end of June! Whew that was fast. This month was dragging for ever and then it went at warp speed. Incredible.

I’m maybe half of the way through Jim Butcher’s STORM FRONT, and then of course I lost it. Gah. I would have it done before today but no. Not going to happen. The good news is that I’ve learned life isn’t too busy to plow through an extra book in a months time. So after this one, is everyone game to go for one a month? Meanwhile the deadline is still July 31st, so keep reading if you are plodding your way through. It really is an easy read.

If you, like me, are behind, and you don’t want to think about the book yet, do not read further. There aren’t any spoilers, as I haven’t read enough to give them, but you’ve been warned.

If you are like my buddy June, who probably is reading book four in the series by now, here are some book club questions for you to chew on until the end of July. I wanted to borrow these from other online book clubs, but they were mostly remedial questions or bookish, as in, writerly questions. I like my discussions to be a bit meatier. Here’s a start to get you by until I’ve formulated some more questions.

Book discussion part one.

Is Harry Dresden immature for his age – or is he just so old that he doesn’t care anymore? There were some actions where I was thinking he was acting like a twelve year old: he withholds information that is pertinent to the investigation. He’s petulant as hell when talking to authority. Then he does magic when he knows he’ll get in trouble. Like, real consequential trouble.

Then there’s the magic system itself. Does it make sense? Is it believable? I’m still holding my vote on this one. I do realize this is the first book in the series and he probably works out some of the kinks as he goes, but it seems that there is no way to do magic, not even potion creation, without eyes on him and resulting consequences, yet he does it anyway. Much like Harry Potter. By the way, which came first? I’m going to ponder that for a second. Okay so they both came out about the same time, so its just one of those things. Makes you think.

I’m having a super difficult time imagining his pad. Am I the only one? I’ve seen the TV show (You haven’t seen it? You need to!) and that helps me a little bit, but its still foggy for me.

I’m sorry this is so short, but I’ll work on more for later in the month.

Happy reading!

Yes, No, Maybe

I keep writing this post and deleting it. Yes I want to post it. No I don’t. Well, maybe. Like a million times. Today, is a Yes, as I think I’ve about had it.

My spirit is heavy, which makes for difficult public sharing. At every turn it gets heavier. Why are there so many Asshats in this world?


Should I let the Asshats and Trolls rule me life? No. Am I? Yes. So here’s a baby step, trying to move on.

The Good:

Writing is going gangbusters, after I had a heart to heart with my Critique Group. I’m so grateful to have these lovely hardcore people in my life. Everyone needs someone who can tell them when they’re wandering off path. I hope you have this, all of you. Whether you’re writing or simply just living. Listen to the wise people* in your life.

The Bad:

I’ll leave it at this. At the end of the day we are all the same inside. Regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or orientation. If you are feeling hate or fear against any group of people, I ask you to do some soul searching. Ask yourself why? Because in the end: We. Are. The same.

Please don’t forget that, no matter how fearful you are of differences.

The Ugly:

Bullying. If you are carrying out this kind of behavior: you need to check yourself. Let’s just leave it there. I am so weary of these smug people thinking they are better than everyone else. Stop it already. You just look like an Asshat, not wise. See definition of wisdom below.

Psh. Like my words will open their eyes and make them realize they are wrong. Sure. I’m fooling myself here.

C’mon people, we are better than this. We need to start showing it.

There, I said it.

Now for a smile, with this very cute cat who I once hated, but who is now my best friend.


See? We humans have the capacity for growth. I know you can do it too.

Hope everyone else is having a better day than I am. Wish I was a drinker, I’d be pouring one already.

* Some folks masquerade as wise people. Ted Bundy thought he was wise. Would you take advice from a serial killer?

Book Club of the 1st

Okay – so my unofficial book club is starting! We will be reading Jim Butcher’s Storm Front, the first in his Dresden Files books. So far the goal is to read the book by 7/30 and meet back here… but its a really light read. Edible I might say. So we might end up finishing up sooner. Time will tell. I will post questions in the threads down below for us to consider. Don’t read them until you’re done with the book, as they usually contain spoilers. At the rate I’m going I should have them posted before the end of June:-). Happy Reading!