Hello world!

For a year or maybe more, my friend has been telling me it’s time to get on the blog wagon. I’ve resisted; Why would anyone want to read this writers most intimate thoughts? Though it should have been obvious, it finally hit me this weekend, during a day long novel writing seminar at a PNWA conference. Well, okay – Bob Mayer *told* all of us. When you become a writer, nothing is private anymore. Your personal thoughts make it into your book, as does that slow checker from the grocery store (you know the one!). And if you are doing your job, getting your word out there to the world, then they might just figure out it was them that you were writing about. So, yeah, no more privacy.

I write novels, and someday I will be published, though I know not when or how. I am just going to make it happen. Identity Rules is my first, a work of women’s fiction I am completing my final round of edits on. They are a doosie this time, as I’ve really become inspired from the conference to give it a little extra oomph. My next novel is in the planning stage right now, and will be written during November, National Novel writers month.

So come hang with me, hear my  ramblings, and I’ll bring you into my world even if it’s just for a moment. Sometimes I’ll write about writing, sometimes I’ll just mind dump.

And please and thank you for reading this, you do me a great honor.


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