Leavenworth, Lightning & Brats OH MY!

There it was, a wonderful forecast from google saying: Leavenworth – 0% chance of rain, with partially cloudy skies. It was 91 degrees when we got to our KOA campsite in quite possibly the best spot in the whole camp ground. To the pool we went, delighting in the coolness of the water. We followed this up by venturing into town to enjoy some German food that was supposed to be the only meal we’d eat out. Then back at camp I enjoyed some wine, played a fun card game with friends and the piece de resistance: the family sacked out in our tent, rain flap off, enjoying the many stars shining for only us. Lovely.

Until I noticed the paparazzi flashing their cameras at 3 a.m. in the morning. How did they find me here? Oh… I’m *not* famous, yet… I sleepily lay there watching the clouds rolling in and listening to the rumbling off in the distance, observing the flashing still going on.Then it hit me: lightning, thunder. LIGHTNING! Oh Shit!

“Um, Honey” I said quietly, poking my snoring husband. “Could that lightning and thunder over there mean it’s going to rain here?” And what does he answer? “It’s not in the forecast.” as he rolls over and goes back to sleep. By now I’m more awake and have registered that indeed, the rain was coming our way so I begin poking and shoving him in ernest. “Wake up! I think the rain is coming – that’s thunder and lightning!” while I’m pulling my jeans on and bolting out of our tent.

Despite the drama, we survived the night. But luck was still on someone else’s side, as I discovered when I went to get dressed in the morning. In my effort to bring as little as possible I had forgotten to pack shirts for myself. FAIL. Another trip into town and some new clothes later, we were back at camp again for a swim – which was interrupted by yet another thunder storm. Sigh.

Our site secured, we huddled with our friends under an over hang right across from our site, and watched the amazing show nature had to offer. It was breath taking to watch and probably even more fun to play in the deluge of rain that followed. For that is what my daughters chose to do. I know you are thinking it, danger danger! But I was instead reminiscing about being a kid in awesome rainstorms not unlike the one over head at that moment. I’d “have” to walk home from school in them, at turns unhappy and ecstatic for the chance to do something so eccentric and uninhibited. Arriving at my destination drenched to my linens and grinning from ear to ear.

This is perhaps the reason I watched my water nymphs do much of the same thing, instead of calling them to my side. They were caught up in their own little adventure, flitting about and getting soaked, but happier for it. Letting them feel the simple pleasures that remind us just how good it is to be alive felt like the right thing to do just then.

The last day came too quickly. We wiped it down then wrapped it up and scooted to town once again, to experience the brats that this town is famous for. We found a nice little place called Munchen Haus and enjoyed delicious hot dogs and brats like nothing I’ve ever tasted. Their selection of mustard was amazing to say the least making us happy and full upon our departure.

We made it through the the first real camping trip of the summer to Leavenworth with only a few complaints. And check these buggers out! Not enough “real” camp cooking. Too much time in town instead of the campsite. What great complaints! The highlight of our trip; lightning, really was the very thing that kept us from fulfilling the things we yearned to do: rough it. Oh well, one more camping trip to Leavenworth is in order!


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