Drama is touching my life again. Not the band Dramarama (which incidentally, I wouldn’t mind. They made a new album recently!) The other kind of drama. Not sure if it’s ever good but it does bring on some strong emotions and boy are those good for channeling your writing skills! For years I’ve been an advocate of keeping drama as far from me as possible. So I’ve tried to surround myself with normalcy – you know who you are – thanks by the way.

Have drama? Tell me what it is and make it quick because I need to put it in my mental archives for future stories and then put it out of my mind before we go onto the next conversation. Rude, huh? Well, perhaps if you knew what I define as drama you’d change your mind.

Drama is creating your own hell, and then asking others to get in the middle of your nightmare, forcing them to live there with you for awhile. Sometimes it involves relationships and cheating while others involve alcohol or illegal substances. We can’t forget over-scheduling and soccer games, these too can be nightmares and are definitely things I can live without.

There are so many other real problems in the world. None of which I want to surround myself with either, but they alas are unavoidable – and oh so heart wrenching. Babies dying, earth quakes destroying countries, life threatening illnesses, menopause. These things tear our lives apart, leaving us shaking, bereft and unsure of, well, everything.

So today, I will bid adieu to a little drama living in my garage. Ha ha, not the rat silly! He’s staying. Only because I don’t have a trap – but that’s another story. I will send the final pieces of my drama off with UPS. In the back of my mind though I’m butchering a Richard Bach quote: If you set it free, and it stays away, it was never yours to keep (yay!) but if it comes back, it’s yours forever (NO!). Wait, does UPS ship rats too?

Say it with me folks “Adieu drama, adieu.” May you find peace and quiet where you roam. I guess I’m being too harsh. I have and will get some of my best inspiration from these very nightmares. And maybe, if these are your little drama’s I’m speaking of, I might come to you and ask for permission to use them in a story someday. And who knows – these same things might just get me published. “Anything, Anything” is possible. So a “Thank You” should be in order, shouldn’t it? Thank you family and friends for making me who I am!


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