Countdown to Sweet November

I’ll give you 3 guesses why I’m looking forward to 12:00:00 a.m. November 1, 2010. It could be that it’s my birthday. Ha! Threw you! Why would I look forward to my first over 40 birthday? Nope, not that. Could it be that Halloween will finally be over? Psych! I love Halloween, not it. So nope, moving on here people. Guess again.

Oh all right, I’ll tell you. You see, it’s that time again – I am gearing up for National Novel Writers Month ( The basics go like this: Beginning November 1, you start writing ’til you drop, with the goal of writing a 50,000 word novelette by 11:59 p.m, November 30th. For those of you thrown immediately into math mode, thats 1,667 words a day. Some of you might be saying “Oh, that’s easy, I could do that!” If you really think so, dust off your pencil and pad of paper and join me! I’d love the company, even virtually.

So now that you’ve found the time to complete your 50K word book, and you’ve “turned it in”, what do you get? If you accomplish said novelette, you win the right to say you won. That’s it. But it’s such a charge to accomplish this I tell you.

Wait a second… didn’t I just post a note, like YESTERDAY saying that I wasn’t going to do Nanowrimo ever again? Or was that a dream? Well, guess what? I lied! But this time I’m doing it differently. I’ve done a whole host of things to make this story richer and chewier, hopefully it will turn out more like a Snickers bar this time (#1 was just loose nuts – the kind you find in the bottom of your pocket with lint, #2 was more of a Milky Way).

Experiment #3 already has a rough outline, characters, history, the whole nine yards BEFORE I even start! Yay me! You might just be rolling your eyes about now, saying “you’re supposed to do that EVERY time, silly girl.” Well, you see, um…. pllllbbbbbtttt to you! I’m a reformed essay and poetry writer, cut me some slack! Had I known how much fun intensive research could be, I would have done this eons ago. Also in the bargain, at least some of my friends are enjoying it – the others might just linch me if I bring up the topic yet again.

Some of the prep work has involved power walking around the area I plan to base the story in. I hope to do that many more times, by the way, hint hint. Lot’s of hills there and oh so much calf muscle building to be done! I’ve even attempted to memorize floor plans of a few houses that I can use in my story. And lets not forget the late night pub crawling where I’ve been doing some tolerance building -oops I mean- story building too… Sigh, it can’t get any better than that, right?

So when cloudy November comes and you enter you’re local coffee house – look around at the harried people curled over their lap tops, rocking inconsolably. Many many of them will be writing their little hearts out. The others will just be crazy people. There will be scores of them out there, I promise you. Both crazies and nanowrimo’s. But when you see them, think of me, up here in Renton writing my candy bar – uh, story I mean. *Eating* a candy bar maybe. Consuming bottles of red wine, probably. Not sleeping much, definitely. Oh and my kids? They’ll be out of control attention seeking diva’s the whole month, so let’s just get used to it now, shall we?

But come December 1, not only will I be 50,000 deep into a delicious new story, but I’ll have such a feeling of accomplishment that the lack of vitamin D so common in the PNW won’t dare bring me down. Woo hoo! Even if the story does end up being more of a Mounds bar instead. I say bring it on!


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