Can you Improv(e) a Broken Housewife?

My husband has a broken wife. You see, when most women see that their kids have grown to be a certain age, they decide it’s time to do something to enrich their lives, you know, “find themselves”. Like go back to school to complete their degree’s, or get a part time job at The Fish Gallery, or take useful crafting classes like underwater basket weaving. Nope, not me.

What do I do? I decide to take an Improv class. As in comedy. This idea came from a friend I met a little over a year ago at a conference. Hat’s off to Lorraine Wilde for this one. It was in answer to my query: “How do I get over my fear of presenting to strangers my life’s work?” OK not really, but this is how I play it in my mind. She herself has been studying said subject for over a year, and I tell you, this women is a great presenter, so I’m hoping I too will learn this skill.

I also have a friend and a cousin who are learning improv techniques along side me, so I’m not alone on this adventure. Our class is taking place in a movie theater with a bar attached – and I *do* mean the kind with liquor – but we are stone cold sober, trust me. Though now I’m wondering what improv would be like a little sauced… hmmm…. Anyhow, so it’s not our normal kind of hang out.

There we were, hearing the basic premise for Improv and I’m thinking to myself What on earth am I doing here playing children’s games? Then we started playing. And yes, there was a time when I was a little in that frame of mind, okay, maybe twice. I’ll reveal once I was planning a grocery trip during a little speech Gary Schwartz, our teacher was giving. And then once when we were walking through the space around us, feeling the space between our fingers, and letting people look at us I started panicking. I COULD NOT do this! The walking part, I mean sure, that was easy. But anytime someone really looked at me I’d look away, wanting to curl up inside myself. So hard. All of these “silly” childhood games were revealing some pretty deep shit here. Alas, the rest of the time I was so involved in the activities that I forgot to be self conscious and worry about miscellaneous life things.

So no it’s not a degree and it’s not a job that pays, nor am I getting a nifty basket out of the deal, but it is satisfying. I don’t know why or how or what, but it feels right. It feels like I’ve found what I have been looking for. Broken or not, I think I’m a little more focused on fun, and really, isn’t that what it’s all about?


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