Nano Who?

Today’s Thoughts: Yup, it’s d-day. Not only did I start writing today because it’s National Novel Writers Month (, but it’s my birthday. I’ve honestly not been in the mood to do much but watch Hanna Montanna back episodes today, but I’m off to a write-in to finish up so it will all work out.

Just a heads up, I’m going to be a little scarce this month except I’ve decided to post my progress here on my blog. Psssst. you can subscribe to my blog to keep up with me if you are so inclined… see over there <—-?

If you miss me just send me a  message and say howdy to make me feel good. It’ll be lonely here in Nano land. Fellow writers I’ll be attempting to go to 4 write-ins a week… I’ll keep you updated where if you’re interested.

Today’s goal: 1667 words before midnight. Can – she – do – iiiiit?

Todays actual: Current count: 2042 words. Only 47,958 words to go.

Ending notes for today: Met the Monday night write-in group – it’s pretty small, but it’s nice to write with other people – all of us trying to achieve the same goal. One of them was even hand writing their story, if you can believe it, and was already up to over 3000 words when I arrived at 7:30. Damn I feel slow. Oh well, turned out to be a good writing day even if I’m not THAT good :-).


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