Nano What?

Todays Thoughts: I didn’t update yesterday. Sad news on the home front before I started nanowrimo: a friend’s beloved sister passed, and I went to her memorial today. Then yesterday I got news that my Grandma passed away and I was just too sad to share my progress. I’ve been writing more than necessary though as I have some other busy days ahead that might not be too productive. Anyhow, sadness aside I’m having trouble getting my head into this. Good thing I’ve been practicing writing essays, blogs, and short stories over the past couple of months with my writing group, this writing everyday thing isn’t as hard as it has been in the past.

Now my daughter who is also nano-ing beside me is not enjoying this process AT ALL. Something about stream of conscience writing is just too much for her to wrap her brain around. She keeps telling me that every word she writes has to sound right. It’s taking some work here to keep her going. We’ll see how that goes.

Today’s goal: 2000 words before midnight. (up from 1667) Can – she – do – iiiiit?

Todays actual: Today, a resounding NO! She cannot do iiiiiit. Instead, the actual is somewhere around 1500. And sorry I refuse to write anymore. But only 43853 more to go.


3 thoughts on “Nano What?

  1. You are amazing. I know you can do it as well. I take it that it is your oldest daughter that has taken up the writing challenge. It will be a wonderful experience for both of you. Isn’t this supposed to be fun?

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