Nano Why?

Today’s Thoughts: I’m a hater today. All of you Nano’s out there who’ve typed a million kajillion words suck! lol Okay, just jealous really. I’m on track, just not excelling. Sometimes that’s okay, other times it brings on the jealousy. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you I’m beyond busy with life and writing, so if you’re feeling neglected I AM SO SORRY. I think I even missed some of your birthdays yet I can’t tell you which one of you I’ve missed, nor when. I remembered mine, that’s something, right? If I missed your birthday the line starts here —-> for spankings. Just whistle to tell me you’re there ;-). Anyhow, I’m alive, considerably clumsy, terribly lacking in *the correct* words when in a real life convo, and all I really want is a great steak and some peace and quiet.

Today’s goal: 2000 words before midnight. Hmmm. Lately midnight has not been happening. The time change killed it.

Todays actual: 2030, 34266 to go. I don’t get the math of that, but that is what “the man” said.

Thoughts after the fact: Woah! I was zigging where I should have been zagging and… that wasn’t supposed to happen! Oh my, where my story is taking me is NOT where my outline said it would! Now even *I’m* intrigued lol. Still, no steak. But I did find some peace and quiet.


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