Nano Where?

Todays Thoughts: Where do I start? I went to two write-ins this week. The first one had a family having what I’ll call an energetic display of disagreement at the table next to us Nano’s (Off and on for 2!! hours). It was impossible to concentrate. The other had a huge group of us, where we did writing sprint after writing sprint and it was fantastic. Both took place at a different local Seattle’s Best. So here’s my beef for this week. I sat between two very sweet guys who are also on that list of people I envy, with high word counts. The one to my left was writing TWO books at the same time, and closing in on 150K I think, whereas the other guy was half way done… Now a week has passed and I too am almost half way, but wow. Oh and there was one guy writing his novel on, get this, his iPod Touch! Yes, seriously. His lap top tanked after 6000K words, then his desk top monitor tanked, and he had to keep going so there it is. And he plans to finish it this way too. Amazing people I tell you. Sigh. And they were all so nice I guess I’m not a hater anymore. Oh and my friend Lorraine is a sweetie too and also way up there in word count so, yeah, you all rock and I’m just steadily plugging along. That’s life.

Today’s goal: To write anything. Anything it all. I’m writing a blog, aren’t I? Doesn’t that count? Actually, I typed maybe 200 words yesterday, boooo. But I was ahead thanks to the sprints so it worked out. No goals this weekend. Just plugging along.

Todays actual: I’m at goal, sometimes I’ll jump ahead 3000 words, but then I’ll have a bad day and get a whopping 200. But I’m happy, and that’s worth a lot. 26,561 left before the end of the month.


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