All out of words: 50K! I did it!

Well, I’ve done it, it’s all over. 50K deep into a new novel and I’m so glad it’s over. WAIT! I mean, that was JUST like giving birth. Totally. Complete with the “I am women hear me roar” rush, the swearing and squeezing my husbands hand and the doctor rushing in after I’d been at 10 cm for 5 minutes saying “It’s okay, she can push now and NO she won’t stop swearing, just plug your ears.” Okay well, no doctor. But still…

The down side(s): There’s the fact that no matter how well I organize, I always forget to pay a bill. This time it was the electricity (rolling eyes). Don’t know how I managed to do that one. And I lost steam along the way. I was so excited to start, but I just felt reclusive and I didn’t want to mingle with any of the nano peeps that were so kind to me and so ready to root me on. Bah.

On brighter fronts, December looks grand from where I sit, smoking a cigarette, swilling some Prosecco.** I’m looking forward to throwing myself into visiting relatives, and then into making the holidays fun and memorable for the littles.

The new year holds many things for me: New tattoos, starting work in ernest on a Sci-Fi Fantasy story I’ve had on the back burner for awhile, having the final edits completed on Identity Rules (2008 nano novel), which my big sissy gets the honor of doing, and then after a spell, editing that mind dump from November (title still to be named). I’m also grateful that I can return to normal blogging as just giving you updates is rather dull for me.

** Pssst. Incase you didn’t know I am *not* a smoker; that is, as they say, a figure of speech. I am however a drinker and I really am drinking that glass of Prosecco. Incidentally, NICE!


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