Going on an Egg Hunt.

It can be really daunting, you know? Trying to find your path? I should know, I’ve been searching for 41+ years. I narrowed it down 2 years ago, but was disappointed to find I still needed to refine my search. Ah well, it happens to everyone, or so I’m told. But the good news is the refining hit me in the face and I didn’t have to work too hard to find it. Now, for the leg work.

I’ve decided to take you along with me, as I do my research for this new path I’ve chosen. I’m starting this week at Norwescon, a Sci-Fi Fantasy convention that started it’s roots as a writers convention many moons ago. They are now an amazingly diverse resource for fun and education for everything science fiction and fantasy, “including anime, costuming, art, gaming, and much, much more.” http://www.norwescon.org

I’m going to leave you hanging here. You’ll have to ponder just what I am researching over the next few days. But I will report back to you as soon as either the convention is over and I’ve had time to digest it all or I get so excited about what I’ve found that I have to stumble down to the public free wi-fi area in my flannel jammies and share it with you RIGHT NOW. He he.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!


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