Paranormal Easter

It’s the Easter Holiday season – a time I used to dread. It’s been significant in my life for as long as I can remember for more reasons than most people could possibly know. Having children and sharing with them the wonders of this holiday of renewal helped some of the healing. And oddly, a little convention I have attended for a few years now during that time has effectively done the rest.

I find it appropriate that this should be the birth place of my writing attempts. I’ve been telling everyone that I started 2ish years ago, but that isn’t really true. If you skip my earlier attempts at writing I began writing again maybe 5 years ago, with the aid of the writing panels at Norwescon. At first it was screen plays. After that phase I moved on to a thriller novel, then to women’s fiction novels, or “light literature for older women” lol. Currently I would describe my genre as women’s fiction about hot topics. But guess what? That isn’t really a genre. Sigh.

Genre is a big deal in the writing world. I’ve talked to a few agents and editors who have left me with a word of advice: pick a genre. Romance, Urban, Fantasy, Science Fiction. Something. Because Women’s fiction is not a shelf title.

This brings us back to Norwescon. I have loved Sci-Fi Fantasy from the day I cracked open my first novel at age 8. I read every book in the time travel section of my Junior High’s library. Then I got hooked on Stephen King. Speculative fiction was just like dessert to me. Magic could make all of my worries vanish. So I may not dress in costumes and I may not speak Clingon, but those peeps there, at the convention? They’re *my* peeps I tell you.

So it felt right that it was there I decided to try and “slot” myself; pick a new genre to write in. To do this I visited some paranormal panel’s (workshops) this weekend. I do love a good ghost story after all. And then to put a finish on it, I ended my con weekend at a very small Paranormal Fair that was held at Norwescon. I talked to a ghost hunter just a bit – he was very informative. I talked to a gentleman about Shamanism. I got my chakra’s re-aligned by an energy healer. And to top it all off I got my Tarot cards read.

The Tarot cards were the highlight of my whole weekend. The gal was great! She used musician Tarot cards on me. If you know me at all, that’s a pretty cool thing. She told me to expect my first success to happen in about a month. I’m a little bit of a skeptic, though I’d love for this to be true. After all, you need to actually try to get published for you to have some success, and what with me not submitting anything, it seems unlikely anything will come my way. Only time will tell, right?

Sadly enough, though I tried to find something that resonates for me, I came out of the weekend not any closer to a shelf title for my work. But I will be doing some very amateur ghost hunting, and I will come back here and tell you all about it. And in the mean time? I think I might just try and get published. Happy Spring everyone!


2 thoughts on “Paranormal Easter

  1. You can do it! Time to send out queries. The tarot do not lie…but your reader might be overstepping with the timeline. Those cards can’t say a month or a year. They just say near or far future. So that means do it and then forget about the timeline. Wheee!

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