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The way I use blogging is probably different from many people. First, I blog because someone told me to (Kari, Lorraine, Jen, YOU are to blame :0) ). Second, because it helps me to keep writing even when I can’t pull any fiction out of my brain, and third, because I enjoy the attention. Now, that’s new for me. I’ll blame it on good old Improv.

My journey through Improv has run directly parallel with this blog. In fact I even think I started blogging on the same day I signed up for my first class. At the time I didn’t link the two, but now I’m thinking it’s not a coincidence. Trust me, it was really scary to do both.

When I used to write for myself, it was just poetry and fiction. Starting this blog in a non-fiction format was a serious stretch for me. My heart would race when I’d write an entry, just like when I’d go in front of people to speak or act. But now, just like with improv, my heart only skips a beat. Performing and writing non-fiction are still hard for me, yet so rewarding.

I’ll leave you today with this thought: Try something that scares you, no matter how small. You might be surprised where it takes you.


One thought on “Bloggedy Blog Blog

  1. Woohooo! Shine on girl. So glad blogging and improv are a positive part of your life. Can’t wait to do some improv with you in August, even if its only for a super short time. Will have to get you up the Bellingham sometime soon!

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