Life Without Borders

I was on the edge of tears all day yesterday. When I analyze why I’ve been so sad, the most recent dilemma at my door step, and even yours, is that Borders has thrown their towel in. I know, small beans in the scheme of things, what with national disasters and all, but it’s an end of an era, you know? My love for paper books is second only to my family and friends. The smell, the touch, even the sight of them bring me happiness.

It’s almost harsher for the fact that I am attempting to become a published author. A pretty bitter entry into the world of fiction, you know? I’m having trouble seeing anything but doom and gloom on that front. But oh no, it’s not going to keep me from writing. I’ve got stories to tell and I might as well share them with people. Right?

So last night we went to our local Borders to see what there was to see. I got a few Jennifer Crusie novels that I haven’t read yet, though I’m not sure how I could have missed any. Then I wandered over to my kids who were alternating between the teen reads section and the children’s section, slowly, methodically going over book after book.

Seeing they were still busy I went to the comic section and picked out a book or 2 for my youngest. This is when the little one needed a bathroom break, so I camped out in front of their extreme clearance section, waiting for her and managed to pick up Mr. Sniffer. Yup, you read that right. There was a guy there who was openly staring at me. I tuned him out to delve into their shelf of reduced merchandise and found an audio book for 1.85! It was then I looked up and noticed he was rightthere. Inmyspace. And if mine eyes were not deceiving me, he was smelling me. Sniff. Alright alright I did put on the good cologne today. Even I’d sniff me.

He didn’t creep me out or anything, I just smiled politely and gathered my daughter from the restroom and went across the store to search for magazines. When I looked up from a copy of Spin I wanted to buy, there was Mr. Sniffer again. Took my mind off of the tears that were in the backs of my eyes as I was walking around perusing all of the shelfs that had the 10, 20, 30, 40 percent off signs on them. Everything must go!

It did put speed in my steps though when I went back to try and pry the kiddlings away and the youngest was near tears as well, trying so hard to take it all in, cement this into her memory to share with her grandkids some day. “When *I* was little, we had actual stores where you could go to buy books made out of real paper.” She too is having troubles with this amazing store chain closing. I guess, had I let her, she would have done a sit-in, marking her place in history as the kid that wouldn’t let Borders Tukwila close their doors. And I guess she’d have her first arrest, before her 10th birthday even. How cute!

Ah well. End of an era.


One thought on “Life Without Borders

  1. I too was at Boarders yesterday. It was very strange. Quite the crowds! Now I read your thoughts and am close to tears as well. I don’t know what I’d do without paper books.

    Thank you fou putting your thoughts here for us to feel.

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