The Land of Nod and other Terrifying Stories

Not much has changed here in the Land of Nod. Oh yeah, did I tell you-all that? I’ve moved from the Enchanted Forest to the Land of Nod. Okay, not literally, though I’m hoping to make that transition late spring/early summer. No, I have just been so sleepy and hungry I can’t stand it. I can’t write beyond my little edits and scene fixes. Note to self: Work on that, being National Novel Writers Month is in twelve!!! days. Oh crap – my stomach just growled again. Sigh.

Sounds like I’m pregnant, right? Can I give a hardy HELL NO! to that one? Sorry, we all have to find our joy somewhere, and mine is in NOT being with child. Anyways, everyone I’ve talked to about it feels sleepy too, and some of us have decided it’s just the change of seasons. You know, gotta gain that ten pounds to keep warm through the winter that is rapidly approaching us. Which I’m fighting tooth and nail – the weight thing, not the weather. Though icy roads certainly don’t figure into my plans either.

Now, gaining weight isn’t necessarily terrifying, but it certainly isn’t something I keep on my “To Do” list. Instead, I try to hit the gym or exercise in some way daily. Wave “Hi,” if you see me plodding along, by the way. I’m trying to cycle away the guilt, tread away the zucchini bread, train away the Halloween candy, and climb away the sleepiness.

So how does a girl (or guy for that matter) get through the doldrums and survive shopping a novel while creating a new one? Side by side with homeschooling the kidlings and attempting – well, life? Step one is in place. You got that didn’t you? That exercise thing. Step two is just plowing ahead. That’s all I’ve got. One foot in front of the other, one minute at a time.

If you too are in the Land of Nod and/or are going to be nanowrimo-ing it with me this next month, I’d be glad to know I’m not in it alone. How are YOU getting through it? What are YOUR tools of the doldrum trade? Love to hear from you.


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