Raise Your Glass

“Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways!” Yup, that’s right, Prosecco at my house tonight, seven p.m. It’s time to celebrate!

Today, I have met one of my long time goals: I have submitted my completed manuscript to agents and an editor, per their request. Per their request! These words alone make me happy. I’m ready for what happens next; the critique’s or the nay’s. I’ve developed thick skin from this whole process, so bring it on. A few weeks ago I even bought a clip board to put my rejection letters on. This is an ode to Stephen King, who says he nailed his rejections to the wall in a thick stack. I want to say he had maybe sixty up there before he got his first acceptance letter? To pad the pile, I’ve included my critique’s from the 2011 PNWA’s conference, which had good things on them, not bad, but I need to get closer to that number sixty somehow.

So, fifty eight to go.

If you can’t swing by tonight, keep your eye on the clock, and at seven o’clock, raise your glass for me. Here’s to achieving our goals!


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