I Believe in Santa

Holidays are always hard for me. I’d like to blame it on my “broken” life as a child – but we all know that’s a load of crap. Yes I am broken, but who isn’t? It would be nice to blame it on my parents – aren’t we supposed to blame everything on them? But – oh wait, no, that too is a stinking pile. They actually are pretty awesome people. It’s just me and my belief system. Silly old me: I still believe in Santa.

So here lies my dilemma with this holiday season. I will not go further into my beliefs here, as it’s a big steaming discussion to have on the internet. Well, anywhere but in person to be frank. In our house, we “do” Santa. Before kids I was against this. Then suddenly I was transported into the Spirit of the Season philosophy, and Santa became part of that, and it was all okay. So Santa comes to our house, what of it?

It’s just confusing to explain to a kid who has friends that do not celebrate holidays – why Santa comes here but not to their house. Or why Santa is called Sinterklaas in Holland and comes on December fifth, but here in America he comes on the twenty-fifth. Oh and wait, yeah, in Mexico it’s on, what? The sixth of January is it? And it’s called something like Three Kings Day? And no, Santa doesn’t bring goodies, but the Reyes Magos do? So confusing for little ones.

Or big ones for that matter. My kids aren’t by any means “little” anymore. Yet they want to believe. They love the Spirit of the Season I’ve spun for them. After all I’m a word smith so I can spin a pretty good story.

I’ve asked my kids that if they or their friends begin to concede to the popular anti-Santa belief, to remember the love and giving that is intended by it. Is this wrong of me? Is it cheating them? A lie by omission? Or is it keeping the Spirit alive. So we can keep the wonder in the little ones eyes for that much longer. Help them to know that Santa, really, is about caring, love and giving. Of yourself, your time, whatever you have to give. Santa is more of a personification of a greater good than just a made up person.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just too broken to have the “right” answer. Hmm. Your thoughts?


One thought on “I Believe in Santa

  1. The holidays are hard for a lot of people, not just you. Lack of daylight, painful memories, and the belief that we should be feeling happy contribute to stress. I’m blessed that my biggest problem this year is making sure that none of the kids or kids in law feels forgotten, left out, or loved less. Even though that’s not a major problem it still eats at me and I either draw a sigh of relief after Christmas or take notes to make next year better. It’s hard to be the mom.

    I think you should do Santa as long as you want to do Santa. Santa still goes to my childhood home in California. A little bit of the Santa responsibility got passed onto me when I had children of my own but the magic of Santa still exists there and unexplained presents appear for all of us.

    We have Santa here whether the kids believe or not. They all understand the spirit of Christmas and enjoy the Santa traditions. It’s fun to see them continue the story for the benefit of our new granddaughter.

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