Oh Sugar

Doing better here! My life is still spinning like the sugar in a messy cotton candy machine at times, but as I begin once again my journey through consuming books, I’ve noticed a return of my hunger for all things writerly as well. Because that was on strike, right along side my reading.

When there was little response to my work being sent out, I said to myself “Mmm, wings sound good. With a Long Island Iced Tea Bucket. Yeah, that’ll do it.” When I couldn’t find a way to get past the question of why I couldn’t pick up book number three point five and put a finish on it, I said “I know, catching up on Raising Hope and Breaking Bad on Netflix! With donuts! That’s the answer.”

Then the reading felt better (after my encounter with the aforementioned Oil Can Henry’s Book Fairy) and things started to crystalize. Kind of like that cotton candy. I discovered I couldn’t put a finish on the story because of disorder. In the story, not my life. Though clearing that up is helping too.

That and the weather is lovely here. It’s spitting water from the sky once in awhile, but guess what? It seems that phrase you are what you eat – in my case that would be sugar – is wrong! I’m not melting from the rain!

So life might be spiraling out of control. I might have been wanting to eat too much wheat, deep fried goodness, and sugar buckets from The Rock. But now I’m spiraling toward my center at least. Where I know what’s necessary to go forward, even if looking ahead makes me crazy dizzy. Maybe it’s the buckets? Note to self: No more buckets.

Disclaimer: I can’t give the manager at the oil change place all of the credit. I’ve had friends helping me refocus, popping up right when I need them.


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