Late Night Rambling

I slept fantastic when I went to bed the other night. I was out like a light, only to be woken with a start at 12:22. You’ve had that dream before, haven’t you? C’mon, admit it. The one where you are suddenly thrust in front of a group of people, only you’ve forgotten that oh so important detail: clothing? And they were filming! Oh the horror.

Of course we all recognize that this is a stress dream. Being I had just been reading about the Pacific NorthWest Writers Association’s (PNWA) upcoming summer conference right before I went to bed, my bets are on that being the cause.

I was reading about the pitching sessions that will be provided this year at the conference. There will be way more than I’ve ever done before (possibly !twelve!), and I am honored to have this opportunity, don’t get me wrong. But, have you read my post on why I take Improv?

So it goes like this: I used to freeze when talking in front of people, then botch my speech, including but not limited to hyperventilating. Sounds like fun, huh? It’s been 2 years since starting Improv to cure me of this fear. I’ve spoken successfully in front of large crowds since then. So what’s up with my subconscious?

Anyways, I’m still pitching Off Balance, the same book as last year, which got nice responses in person, as well as the three or five handfuls of responses I received back after sending off queries. The past school year has been all consuming and as I am putting it to bed, tucking it in and kissing it goodnight, I realize that I haven’t really put my best effort into “selling” my book. Thus, pitching it one more season, before letting it go.

The new book is done, and I’m on the first read after it’s six month rest. This part of the editing process is the hardest for me, and I’m told by many of my friends, them as well. I’ll re-read it, taking notes, then decide if any re-ordering needs to happen, deleting, adding new scenes, etc. Anyhow, it’s not ready to see the light of day yet, but I’m hoping to have a junior elevator pitch ready for it by July, for the conference.

Book 4.5 is beginning, at least in the research department ;-). I’m starting to collect information and sending off letters requesting interviews. The actual writing will take place during NaNoWriMo, a.k.a. November for the rest of the world.

Incidentally, if you know a business man or woman who travels incessantly for work, could you ask them if they’re up to being interviewed? I’d be much obliged.

Meanwhile, the naked dream is fading fast from my brain, and yet I’m still dwelling on it. I guess it’s time to let it go, and stop obsessing over that which I have no control. Or at the very least, concentrate on picturing the agents and editors naked while I’m pitching. Ha.


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