The Naked Conference – er, or Something Along Those Lines.

Oh Em Gee It’s coming It’s coming It’s coming!

He he.

Sorry about that. No, I’m not drinking. I’m just a little excited for the PNWA conference coming up. At first I was hesitant. I mean seriously, how many times can you sit in panels about creating characters and world building and plot perfection, etc. etc.?

So I volunteered, guided by my friend D, whom I’ll be working the Power Pitch Sign Ups with. I think, maybe, side by side. I’m the one with the whacky brownish red and black hair btw – come see us!

I took a week off of my writing work to prepare for the conference. Conference schedule? Check. Agents and Editors researched? Check. Elevator pitch’s honed? Check. Food in the fridge for the kiddlings and dh? Check.


My youngest helps me year after year perfect my pitch(s). This year, I’ve got an official one for my manuscript for Off Balance – and my did she help me make it sound better! Go ahead, ask me and I’ll pm it to you. Much lighter, and it fits the mood of the book much better. Wheee!

Then there’s the one for the November NaNoWriMo book, unofficially titled Going In. I’ve created a mini pitch for that one. It’s really too clean, but I’ve work yet to do on that manuscript so I’m holding off to give it the full pitch. That said I’m still happy with the mini pitch.

So now we’re TWO DAYS away (today is really officially over, we can’t count it anymore) and I’m looking forward to the camaraderie of hanging with other writing industry peeps. The evening events are entertaining and fulfilling in one way or another, be it the food, the speaker or the wine ;-). Thankfully, many are all three.

I’m not sure if an update will follow for the con – being like I said, each conference is so much the same, and seriously – how exciting is that? But if you could all do the positive energy dance for me, I’d be grateful. Here’s to naked agents and editors and constructive feedback!


Edited To Add that I go to two writing conferences a year, and this might be the reason I’m feeling like this. The PNWA conference is an amazing opportunity to meet agents, editors, and others like myself – I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.


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