PNWA Conference Round Up

I should be in bed – it is pretty late. Especially after 4 days of high emotions. But I’m here, instead, ruminating over a pretty great conference.

There was a list I had created of all of the agents and editors I wanted to talk to. Introvert that I am (no judge-y) I didn’t make it all the way through my list. However, the last night brought a tiny little unexpected piece of joy.

Mr. Editor *asked* if he could sit at our table. Our little table! Can you imagine that? D and I, and our newly acquired friend E (awaiting the rest of the alphabet, you can be sure) were sitting there, and up walks one of the editors from my list.

Mind you, he made it to my list because he had such a great personality that I knew I just had to talk to him. I found this out by listening to two separate panels which he was presenting at. I’m not entirely sure he’d be in my genre, so I didn’t want to waste his time by pitching to him.

But there he was!

We all chirruped “YES” to his question, almost blowing him over with our intense reaction. I was a little afraid he’d back up, politely, then turn and run the other direction when he saw how much we wanted him to sit with us. But no. He joined us!

Long story short he was just as fun to talk to as I suspected. He had great stories. He listened well.

And there was lots of wine!

Did I say what a good conference it was?

Yup. Closed out the pitching sessions yesterday with 11 total pitches. What a rush.

Incase you were wondering? I didn’t have to use the naked technique with any of the Agents or Editors I pitched. Phew, that would have been aw-kward.

‘Cause honestly? I don’t really want to see everyone naked. Just say’n.


2 thoughts on “PNWA Conference Round Up

  1. Maybe some agents you want to see naked? No judgements! LOL. Yes I was a little worried we were going to freak out the editor, too. “YES COME SIT WITH US YOU ARE THE COOL KID OMYGOD”

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