Summer, Summer, Wherefore Art Thou Summer?

This summer I have been prepping our house to put on the market, no small task for a workaholics wife. This, and forcing the kids to finish up summer school-work. If I have to say “Stop acting like a two year old and do your homework” one more time I might just revert to my own two year old self. Waaaaaaa! Oh wait, too late.

The little fam went on an awesome camping trip to Deception Pass.

We followed this up with a relaxing and exciting house/dog sitting stint in Vancouver while my friend had a new baby. The pièce de résistance will be a trip to Portland. Partly because I love that place (VooDoo Doughnuts!!! And, you know, that Portlandia business is a smidgeon accurate and oh so entertaining.) But also, because book 5 is partially set there.

In betwixt all of this, I’ve been writing like a crazy woman. And reading. And editing.

You already know what’s going on with Off Balance and Going In (tentative title), so how ‘bout an update on book 5?

I am the lucky owner of great friends, and I have been conducting interviews for the past week, thanks to them. I still hope to get a hand-full more in before November, but I’ve had a pretty good start I think. I’d love to tell you the tentative title, but it’s crazy hard to come up with a name for this one, which also goes for the outline process. I currently have two brief outlines, and I’m thinking there might be three before I start. My thought process is that when I begin to write in November that it will flow naturally and follow one of the three that I’ve pre-designed, and that way I’ll be less likely to get lost, like I did with Going In. Which isn’t all bad, Jennifer Crusie is getting me out of my mess, as I read her blogs and learn about story mapping more intimately. I’ll let you know how that goes ;-).

And I wonder why my house isn’t clean, and not ready for market yet. Ha.

Where the heck did summer go?


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