Titles Are Over-Rated

In honor of this auspicious date, I’m blogging! Ha!

10, 11, 12, Go!

So this title came about being I couldn’t find one for this blog post. I know, lazy lazy. But also, because I’m having trouble naming the next story. No, titles really aren’t over-rated. I really believe they are as important as naming a baby. But for the time being, let’s just call this post that, okay? And the new story has a name too! But I’m not in love with it. So far it’s called Wanderlost.

Which brings us to  my silly excitement for NaNoWriMo (once again.) I wish I could explain this phenom. ‘Cause really, it makes no sense to me, this writing multiple stories at once thing. When I started doing these marathon writing sessions back in ’07 (this is really only my 5th year, I skipped ’09) it was evil hard to write just one story.

Alas, an addict was born. Or, well, conceived. At first the creativity came at a slow trickle. I’m not sure when it started gushing down the pike, but it did, and fast. At one point I can remember having four different stories batting around in the labyrinth that is my brain at the same time. The voices got pretty loud and I’m pretty sure I was a scattered mess. Oh wait, I still am…


Anyhow, thankfully, I’ve gotten all of them but the one that is due to be born this coming November out into the light of day since then. Which means, I’m done, right?

After November 30th, I’m done, right?

He he.

I’d like to say that’s true. ‘Cause really, writing is a chore. I’ll be talking to someone and they’ll say something intriguing like “and that blue elephant ate a leprechaun” and I’ll be off on a wild yarn inside my head not paying an iota of attention to what they are saying, nodding along and smiling. Rude, right? Truly. But, sorry, some of us just don’t have a way to control that damn ADD gene.

So no, not done.

I should have a short story completed in the near future. It’s not my same-o same-o – this guy is Sci-Fi (For the newcomers, to date I’ve written only thrillers and women’s fiction. Ironically similar, go figure.) And I hope to share it with you all… Any tips on where? A safe place to share stories for the novice, hmmmm. Another lesson to be learned. Oh and read that to mean, a place where it’s less likely to be stolen and sold by foreign markets et al. I know, paranoia will destroy ya. Bet that gives you some insight into my brain now, doesn’t it?

Love to hear your advice!

And for my fellow NaNoWriMo’s — see you on the front lines! 20 days!


2 thoughts on “Titles Are Over-Rated

  1. You could probably publish your story on Smashwords and make it available to readers for free! It’s a pretty safe website. =]

    As for the name of your story, have you tried the Appellation Station in the NaNo forums? They’d be able to help you come up with a title. I got help there and ended up with “Penny For Your Dreams”. I’m quite pleased with it!

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