Venturing Into New Territory…

This morning I opened my web browser and just stared at the little boxes, like they were windows to other worlds. Places I could be if I just took the time to “click here.” But I didn’t click anywhere. I just stared. This is my state at 7:30 in the morning, when the kids have left for school, my first cuppa is almost complete and I’ve a huge list of to-do’s for the day awaiting me in – oh – 30 minutes or so.

Yesterday, I had a few things on my to-do list as well, but only managed one. I was learning how to post a story on Smashwords. Before I committed to post something there, I did some research. I emailed a few writer friends. My published friend said Smashwords was way too much work, for the record. Others gave me ideas like using blogs that are specifically for this purpose.

For me, I decided that the blogs have the down side of no recourse if anyone steals your stuff. No disclaimer wagging a finger at some potential naughty person using your good work for evil doing. Smashwords and Amazon’s Create Space and it’s e-reading side kick have finger wagging. But I’m told Amazon is easier. After yesterday, I’m convinced that has to be true.

Because yesterday I spent maybe eight hours reading up on Smashwords. Holy Toledo Bat Man! That’s a lot of facts!

I ended up choosing Smashwords because I can mark it free all of the time. Whereas on Amazon, it has to be a dollar amount most of the time, and you can offer it for free a few days a month. Which is cool, and I might do that soon, but not yet.

All those words to say: Here it is! I did it! So nervous. It’s not my normal fare by any means, so be easy on me :-).

Well, go read my short story if you’re so inclined… enjoy!

Edited to add: This story is currently being entered into contests – therefore I can’t share right now :-(. Wish me luck!


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