Split Personality Time! It Must Be November

Part of me is saying “Ahhhh 2 days left. I have to finish grocery shopping, paint the interior of my house, care for the kids, help with homework, cooking, bill paying,” heavy breathing break, “Christmas cards need to go out and presents need to be purchased… AND I’m going to write a new story.” That’s the mom voice.

The other part is saying in a slow, seductive voice, “Hm. This? Now this is a piece of cake. I can DO this.” This is the voice that paints in a negligee. We’re not tight, she and I. 

Then the other part of me is saying, “Run for the hills, it’s gonna be a big’n.” Yeah, you heard that right, I’ve got three voices inside my head. Well, sometimes more. Depends on the story.  And no, I don’t have a country bumpkin in my new story. A gypsy, yes. But not a bumpkin.

For those of you out there doing NaNoWriMo: How are you guys doing on getting ready? What is left on your list of To-Do’s?

For those of you dealing with the blows that life is coming up with, keep the world spinning for us during the month of November, please? We couldn’t do this writing thing with out you.




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