Creation Crash Course

I think I have a creation hangover. Is that even possible? I’m exhausted, as if I just delivered a baby. Or had an all night bender. I’ve likened writing a healthy story outline to the baby thing before, but this time I thought I had it beat. All signs were pointing to me kicking the creation crash in the ass, but someone must have messed with the arrows on that crazy driving course. Maybe they spun them upside down or something. ‘Cause I’m sitting on that very ass too tired to get even a glass of wine and a nibble.


So here I am, hiding in my bedroom, thinking about three active projects I have going right now. Only thinking about them because I’m taking a few days off of creative writing and/or editing.

One: a good friend of mine and I have started a girls night out meets book club website called (know-us.) We had our un-official launch last night with an extremely fun live blogging event for both our Book Club and our Movie Club.

Two: I’m ghost writing a memoir for a new client – which translates to me writing an outline, helping the client write the memoir (I recommended Dragon NaturallySpeaking) and then I’ll do a heavy edit on it. The final piece, if they choose, is to assist in the shopping of the final piece to agents and/or editors, even e-publishing if that’s the route they wish to pursue.

Three: I’m ever so excited to put the final spin on Going In. Incase you noticed the “working title” part has been dropped. After spending much time thinking about it I think the title fits just perfectly. The intriguing part, is that the paranormal story line is getting amped up and I’m blending two of the characters for a more refined finish. Oh and I have been thinking of luring a new group of readers to help me with the next phase, the dreaded “first” read (really second, but who’s counting.) I wonder if they know I’m thinking this? :-).

There is a Forth and Fifth, but I’m keeping one a secret until next year, the other is the NaNo HUGE story outline, working title “The Soul Truth,” and that guy needs to take a nap before I get working on him again. I think I have enough to keep me busy until then.


We’ll just have to throw Christmas, house guests and oh yeah, getting ready to sell the house into the mix to make it more exciting I guess.

Happy December everyone!


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