Week Without Writing: Fail

Have you ever tried to go a whole week with out doing whatever you love to do – on purpose? Not because the power is out or you’re on vacation, but because you need to concentrate on life? I mean think about it. What if you had to give up WOW, reading, surfing the internet, writing, drawing, exercising, porn, whatever, for a whole week? How do you think that would go?

I had promised myself just that: that I wouldn’t write this week, in order to prepare for a visit from our family. Welp. That was a tall order. Here’s how much writing I didn’t get done: I wrote a little bit of a short story before catching myself. Then I thought of another story line. Oops. Didn’t write it down though. And this would be my second blog this week (one’s over on gnowus). I just can’t do it! I just can’t *not* write! Curses!

Also, I worked on this site – instead of reading for book club (A Discovery of Witches). It’s okay – I’m halfway through. I’ll make it, I think.

The funny part is, this is all because of things I detailed in a post about NaNoWriMo where I was rambling about all the things I needed to get done before the end of November. And here it is, December 21st and I just finished a whole bunch of them, thanks to this (clearing throat) week of no writing. Everything is lit up and decked out in Christmas glory. Presents are under the tree, grinning at me, though a slew are due to come in the mail by Christmas eve. I hope. The cards are in the mail save for a few. The story is done and steaming slowly in the slow cooker that is my brain. Now, cleaning. And shopping for FOOD.

Sigh. You know, it’s occurred to me if I stopped writing I’d have a clean house. But then again, nah.

I hope all of your holiday plans are working out joyously for you. And that you don’t have to go a week without something that you love. Of course, I’d love it if you are warm, cozy, and loved throughout the holiday season too. Being I’m sending you love right now, one of those is checked off, at least. Go work on the rest, now, you hear?

Take care!


2 thoughts on “Week Without Writing: Fail

  1. If it’s something you love, giving it up might make you resentful and your guests,kids, and friends wouldn’t want that. It’s a good thing you wrote a little bit. 🙂

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