Just Another Little Update

Hey there folks.

Life has been hectic. All the way from December 3rd until mid March. Oh wait! It’s only January 24th! So yeah – still in the middle of it here. But the sun is shining! And I’m feeling optimistic – everything is going to work out, I can feel it! There’s been a whole lot of entertaining, writing and home preparing going on. Pretty exciting stuff.

I’m almost done with the edits for Going In. It’s been slow going. Only because of life. But I’m learning, day by day, how to do this writing full time thing. My first readers are lined up, most of them already starting the first 27 pages. I keep saying “Next week I’ll have it done.” But I think it’s true now, finally. The problem being that three scenes ended up being out of order and I’m working on either fixing them or finding the perfect place for them. Oh yeah! And making one of my characters British was a foolish choice. I’ve been reading and re-reading Brit slang, listening to videos teaching the accent, as well as watching Downton Abbey in hopes of it rubbing off on me. Bloody hell this is hard. And incidentally? I’m officially embarrassed about how much I didn’t “get” when conversing with my Brit friends. Ah well.

Then there are two contest entries for PNWA, deadline February 22nd that I’m working on: My entry for Mainstream is being proofed by my readers and editor friend as we speak (the 27 pages I just spoke of.) The short story one is pretty much done but I haven’t had it re-proofed – so that’s on the agenda. Being my editor gal is preggers, I don’t want to over burden her. Did you know that most editors in the Seattle area get slammed with entry proofing for this conference around now? This was news to me.

We had house guests for the last two weeks of December. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone but that was really hard. I couldn’t write at all. It felt disrespectful somehow.

Next week will be full of interviewing real estate peoples. Finding the right mix of pushy yet mellow is going to be a challenge. That’s my personality, simply put. Contradictory? Yes. But true. Wish me luck.

Right then, I suppose I should get back to it.

Toodle Pip Everyone!


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