Contests and Workshops and Conferences Oh My!

It’s time to begin a new chapter in my life. As you know, the realtors are buzzing around us. That means I’m adding: “keep house clean” to my list of To-Do’s. Only through April or mid May if I’m lucky. ‘Cause writing, working, mommy-ing and even exercising are way more interesting. Also? Its contest, workshop and conference time! So cleaning is just so – well, yesterday ;-).

I’m going to put on my bossy hat and say: If you are a writer, SUBMIT YOUR WORK! Go to conferences! Get out there in the world, and rub elbows, talk to people like you, and share share share your work. Not sure how I feel about sharing creative writing on the internet just yet (you’ll notice that in some of my older posts). What I do know is that there are endless opportunities in real life: Contests, Conferences and Conventions. These are great ways to help you advance and be the best writer you can be. And don’t just submit to agents and editors, but enter contests that offer critiques! The critiques they offer are kind and well thought out. Very constructive. I’m sure they’ll boost your ego too. They are worth the 30$ or whatever “entrance” fee.

So here’s the menu for my insanity over the next bit of time:

Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s Literary Contest, Deadline February 22nd. Finalists will be notified by June. Everyone receives two critiques. The event takes place July 25th to the 28th.

Glimmer Train Press New Writers Contest, Deadline February 28th. Winners will be announced May 1st.

Squaw Valley Writers Workshop, Deadline April 2nd. Acceptance notifications will go out on or before May 10th. Event takes place July 8th to the 15th.

Okay – hope I’m going head to head with some of you guys out there. And if I am, tell me! I want to hear who my competition is ;-)!


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