Taking a Chance; Who Knew How Good it Would Feel?

I’m not sure what it is about entering writing contest and such that gives me such a charge. Sure, there’s the obvious possibility of a reward dangling at the end; be it money, acclaim, a workshop, or becoming published. Sometimes a combination of three. The thing is, I think it might be more than that.

My heart was racing while I prepped my first two entries to hand them over to the PNWA. I must have gotten at least an hour of cardio while I performed final edits (I’m anal – I think I did twenty rounds, bombarding my readers with questions,) and then printed, did a quality check, then stuffed envelopes. My kiddlings were forced to go along with me to deliver, in person, the contest entries. They were on winter break and when I told them I was totally stressed out and I needed help, lo and behold they turned into angels. It was lovely. It really can be awesome to have a tween and a teen :-). They genuinely know about stress by this age.

Sitting here on the other side of all of that stress and I’m feeling really good about it. Just the act of submitting was cathartic. I’ll feel better when I get back word that my submissions were excepted, but that’s just a matter of time.

The feeling of utter joy coursing through my veins right now gave me an idea. Yeah, I know, that’s really adrenaline, but I like it :-). Anyways, should we start a contest/submission page on this site too? Would anyone be up for sharing new contests or places to publish short stories – other than the internet? Or should we include internet contests as well? Things to ponder.

That feeling of success for just entering, taking a chance, brought me to this blog, posted two years ago on Examiner.com. It has some great ideas about why and where submissions can be placed. I think when I recover from this adrenaline overload I’ll get back to entering things. Meanwhile, I’ve a few stories to work on, a house to prep for sale, and a Science Fiction Convention to cater.

Happy Weekend to you!


4 thoughts on “Taking a Chance; Who Knew How Good it Would Feel?

  1. I agree about the charge of submitting. You get the sense you are moving forward and there is always that possibility of winning. I have won a couple of small contests since the beginning of this year, which coincidentally was when I began entering contests.

    • I love that you have just started and that you have already won a few! I’ve worked out the odds of winning for a few of the contests, and they are decidedly good. Very worthwhile. Thanks for the comment! :-).

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