St. Patty’s Day Luck of the… Irish Writer?

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone! So much to be thankful for. Where to start?

I’m eternally grateful for the Pacific NorthWest Writers Association. You pay an annual membership fee of something ridiculously affordable like $65. For that money you get monthly educational meetings that are run by industry professionals – more often than not phenomenal speakers.

If you can’t go because, say, you are seeing red from arguing with your teenager, or something more concrete like living on a tropical island with satellite internet, you can log into their monthly meeting via your computer. There you can view their powerpoint presentations and listen to the monthly meetings live.

Or say you were busy during the meeting and couldn’t go this time? No problem. Most months they record their event, and you can log in to the members section of the’s website and give it a listen there. It’s amazing.

All of this a long winded way of saying: After an argument about homework (shockers!) with my oldest teen I was so depleted that driving  to this month’s meeting wasn’t even a flicker on my to-do list. So I popped in my ear buds, grabbed a glass of red wine, and plugged in to their meeting to listen to an amazing speaker discussing internet marketing while I took calming, deep breaths. The meeting was really titled: The web of words – online marketing principles presented by KATHERINE SEARS.

Anyhow. Oh – my – goodness! Long gone are the days of sitting in on presentations with glossy eyes, thinking “Oh what a waste of time!” That is to say, this just doesn’t happen to  me when I’m sitting in on one of the PNWA’s presentations. Wow did I learn a lot.

Katherine made me proud of myself for taking the steps I’d already taken – my website, my Facebook, and my two Twitter accounts. She made Twitter clear, which I had *thought* I had a firm grasp on. But no, there was more! This gal talked me into joining Linked In, starting a Pinterest board, and I already had plans for starting a youtube channel. Going into effect tomorrow for what it’s worth ;-). Oh and I almost forgot the biggest part – you all know Facebook, right? This amazing marketing Goddess clarified the differences between how you post on FB versus on a FB “page” versus Twitter. I bow down to her internet marketing prowess.

That and my family was granted four more weeks to get the house on the market – if we don’t settle on an offer before then. Yup, the market is getting hotter here. Nutty I tell you. The Universe sure is mysterious. One minute I’m lost in a sea of tropical fish (“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” – Dory, Finding Nemo,) the next I’m granted a day to rest; to recover from the stressful weeks that fell over the past two months.

Sigh. So I hope you all are wearing green while you read this. I’ll be shaving my legs (yeah, I’ve been too busy, what of it?) and donning my St. Patty’s day knee high socks and festive apparel. I will probably grab a beer somewhere, as it just feels wrong not to ;-). And you know, thanking my lucky four leaf clover for all of the good things life has been kicking my way!

Throwing some luck at you! Enjoy!


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