Having an Aha! Moment

Having one of those aha days. An aha week maybe? Surely it won’t be an aha month. 

You know those times when you’ve been chasing your tail for what feels like forever but probably is only months. Trying to get to the bottom of why you feel “this way.” “This way” being what is dictating how you act, treat the people you love, even the damn bank teller. And then all a sudden it’s pretty clear what’s going on. Not crystal clear. That would just be too easy. But for sure you are looking at life with new glasses on. 

Perhaps you’ve torn off the rose colored ones – though the view isn’t as lovely as it once was, and strapped on those honking huge 3D frames.


This is when you think to yourself, “I look ridiculous.” No just kidding, this is when you think to yourself “Now, this is something I can handle.” ‘Cause before? Things were looking kind of – well, off color. 

You know?

I’m finding that the 3D glasses are quite wonderful. 

Not everything is cut and dry. Yes, society seems to think that when your kids go back to school you have to get a “real” job. Their reasoning is logical; it would bring in a constant flow of income, as apposed to being self employed. Yet that same “real” job would take away from my creative writing (and hinder the ghost writing) as well as put a real hitch in our giddy up in relations to our family life. We’re secure financially – a job would really be something that’s more of an inconvenient convenience. 

Despite these very clear facts, I’m going to admit something silly: I’d love to do stock at Costco. Yeah, I can’t figure out that desire either. But there it is. Anyhow…

Selling the house will make us debt free. But society says paying rent is a waste of money: we wouldn’t have the same kinds of tax deductions and no “real” investment. And yet… With where our lives are taking us, I’m happy to move on. 

These 3D glasses sure do offer up a mixed bag. 

So I leave you with this thought: Strap on those nasty looking glasses that block societal norms and take a good look at what’s going on. Sometimes the real answer is right in front of your face and you’re too afraid to look at it.


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