Bridge Burning Intervention Needed; Apply Here

You know that moment, when you realize someone you are talking to isn’t who you thought they were?

Maybe the conversation had been going so swell that you were filling in the blanks about this and that, and you had built them up to be someone who you can totally relate to, totally hang out with. Maybe get a brain crush on?

You both like *real* books, and are prolific readers. Zombies are da bomb <3. Science can explain almost everything, but it has it’s drawbacks when explaining multifaceted things.

And then they utter that they have never read Harry Potter and have no desire to. Who would want to read about something so stupid?


Those words come tumbling out of their mouths and you’re left reeling. Thinking “What the hell?”

I hate those moments.

Not everyone who reads me (literally and figuratively) knows my particular bend on certain subjects. Likewise I don’t know all (or any) of yours. So this is bound to happen again and again.

Just having one of those days when I’m feeling a lack of love for people who are – you know – like that. And no, I’m not talking about *you*. It’s that other person. You know who it is.


Anyhow, send me some “just get along with everyone” vibes, so I don’t burn any unnecessary bridges.



2 thoughts on “Bridge Burning Intervention Needed; Apply Here

  1. Count to 10, go for a walk, drink some really hot tea–yes, don’t burn bridges that you don’t mean to. For sure. But sometimes? Once in a while? You gotta just burn that sucker down because life is short and some people do not deserve your precious time!!

  2. May just be a person that you can agree to disagree. Know that they are “that way” and enjoy the parts of them that you have in common. No two people on this planet are going to enjoy every wonderful bit of life the same…and thank the universe for that as well.

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