Horrifically Paranormally Wondrous May

I can’t believe that I thought that April would drag by. Why did I think that? Yesterday I was shocked to see it was the 17th. Oh well. That’s a good thing. Get’s me closer to the contest announcement days May 2nd and May 10th. C’mon May!

Meanwhile, I’m drooling all over events happening in May. There’s Crypticon, a horror convention held on Memorial Day Weekend. Even more exciting for me is that Paracon Seattle, a paranormal fair, will be held there.

Now you all might not be used to me talking about horror as an interest. In truth, some of the first books that attracted me to writing (Stephen King’s The Stand and Clive Barker’s Imajica) were indeed horror. But the real thread here is that some of the best classes on writing I’ve ever taken were horror panels at Norwescon. I know, it’s hard to believe that a science fiction convention has a horror track – let alone the fact that it’s any good. But they do. So now I’m curious how Crypticon will hold up.

I became entranced with all things paranormal after staying at a B&B a few years back, without knowing it was haunted, and witnessing the resident haunting. I always used to wonder if ghosts were real. Now that I know they are, I can’t get enough of  genuine stories about them. The first paranormal fair I went to was also at Norwescon, in ’11, I think. It was pretty small, yet because many of the panels they offered that year were around this theme I got a lot out of it. So yay! A new paranormal fair!

This year I aim to corner the owner(s) of Spooked in Seattle  and make one of them (both of them?) talk to me. I’ve done the USS Turner Joy tour with them, which I liked a lot. I tried to chat with them on the tour but there were too many people and I didn’t get enough feedback to do any good for what I’m looking for.

Here I am with my paranormal curious mind and I NEED them. Something fierce. It would just do it for me to go on an investigation with them. I have a women’s fiction story with a paranormal twist that I’m pitching in July, and I want to perfect the world it’s in. That and I’ve got another story brewing (yes, can’t stop those bad boys, they always find me) and I think it’s going to fall in my paranormal world. But if these guys don’t talk to me it might have to be in my fantasy world. Harumph.

Can we do some *I will help Jennifer* chants? Vibes? Prayers for those out there that do that? Keep them going on into May through Labor Day please ;-).


One thought on “Horrifically Paranormally Wondrous May

  1. The thing I didn’t have enough words to say was that my friend has a story in Crypticon’s writing contest and the original intent of my Crypticon devirgination was to support her and root her on. Yeah, I don’t even know if that’s a word. I like it though ;-).

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