Musings at 8 in the Morning.

1. The second cup never tastes as good as the first. Or maybe that’s a byproduct of #3.

2. Sore biceps are the devil’s work. Or the gym’s. Or “Body By You.” Grin.

3. Stuffy noses don’t compliment my cooking style. Salt! Give me the salt!

4. And, So, But and Or are my fave way to start a sentence. Must. Edit. Them out. Grrrr. When will I learn?

5. There isn’t enough chocolate, vitamin D capsules or alcohol in my house to make me not grumpy these past few days. Beware! Also a byproduct of #3 I presume. Or my brother. Harumph. Brother for sale, cheap.

Will put up a more productive post soon. Glimmer Train’s announcement is on May 2nd – two days! I’ll share the news, good or bad. I promise.


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