Big Ol’ Fat No

So I lost. I know I know I said I wasn’t going to start my sentences that way anymore. At the very least edit the “so” out. Looks like I was wrong, huh? Yup, not even an honorable mention from Glimmer Train. Instead, a big ‘ol fat no. Hardcore I tell you.

Or I failed? Ha, did it again. This phrase, “I failed” appeals to me, as without failure there is no success, right? Or perhaps it fulfills an inner dialogue I had going on… I don’t need to fill in the blanks here, I’m sure you’ve got my number.

But it’s going to be alright. :-). I’m still not a published author in the traditional sense. When I receive my feedback forms from the PNWA’s literary contest in early June I’ll put my short story back up for free on Smashwords. That is so rewarding, watching my numbers climb as another person and then another gets to share in something I created.

And I won’t give up. No worries about that. I had great responses to that short story, and a lot of new stories beating around in my head. Gotta keep on swimming.




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