It All Started With Hemp Fest 2011

Doesn’t that sound, I dunno, like the first line of an incredibly mellow murder mystery or something? Surely not the title of a blog. But I was at a loss. So there you go.

My first hemp fest coincided with the outlining of my story “Going In” which I *think* I’m done editing. Or not. Can’t. Stop. Editing. 🙂

All that to say: Enter medical cannabis into my manuscript.

The main character is a terminally ill sky diver who is fighting death to it’s last breath. Enter a grim reaper… and of course, cannabis. Lot’s of 420 going on in this story.

I am far from an expert, but I’ll share a little bit of what I learned from a whole lot of reading. Had to make sure I’m at least in the realm of believable about this topic.

There are different kinds of this very useful drug. Who would have thunk? From what I understand, Sativas are used to enhance alertness and focus, as well as to increase appetite. Many of them seem to have a high THC content which delivers a head high, with a lower CBD count. CBD is known for reducing inflammation and nausea. You can find this in a few strains, but I’m mostly interested in the Indica strains, which offer a good nights sleep in addition to the anti inflammatory benefit.

Also? If you’re reading this and you have something to share, ask, say on the topic? Please share.

Here’s an interesting blog I found about THC and CBD counts in medical marijuana. Very easy to understand.

I’m not a pharmaceutical kind of gal, so it’s good to know that as I age there will be something to help ease me into the golden years.


I’ll be the one in that retirement community located at 420 Take It Easy Street :-). Anyone want to join me?


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