Morning in the Life of Me

Don’t ask why I’m sharing – must be, uh, the weather? Dunno. But here you go.

I wake and stare at the computer for an hour. There will be no entering the kitchen for me, ‘cause my stomach is growling and I have to wait, ’cause those are the rules. I’m a by the rules kind of gal so that’s how it goes.

Internet internet internet (that is NOT a gurgle) news news news (coffee isn’t *that* yummy) and “Bye, have a nice day,” and it’s finally time. Phew.

I tear through the fridge hoping beyond hope that I don’t have to yell at the non-existent teenagers and dh who have vacated the premises for eating the junk food we ate for dinner last night. It was one of those days. And taquitos sound darn good on an empty stomach. Score! The fam didn’t remember they were there. Do a little dance and eat my meager breakfast. Meager because it really is bad for me so I won’t lose my head on the quantity consumed. Yum. Did you know barbecue sauce tastes good with taquitos? Fact.

Now it’s “that time of the day.” No, not the bathroom. I’m not going to talk about that here – that’s for another post :-). It’s that time when I have to sit down and journal for a little bit, do some paperwork, answer emails, check my calendar. That’s where this little ditty comes in.

Next up today was writing my interview questions for the witch character I’m getting ready to write. These questions are fun. By the way, if you’re interested in answering them yourself I’d love to send them to you. The idea is that anyone who identifies themselves as a witch, a theologian, or in the Wiccan, or Pagan religions would be great contacts for ideas for this particular story. Also, I’m beefing up my library for the worlds I’m building, so favorite books would be an awesome thing.

Of course, that’s all built around life – which is happening at an alarming rate. And, oh, look at that, it’s time to go again :-).


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