Crypticon Seattle: Where Have I Been?

I mean really.

I’m a soft horror fan. More along the lines of Stephen King, old Clive Barker and vintage horror. I have never really gotten into the slasher stuff. So I wasn’t like jumping all over the band wagon when I heard about this con. I think it may have crossed my periphery once or twice before, but honestly? I was thinking, “Ew, gross.”


Then a friend of mine had a story chosen for their writers contest. A finalist! Woot. So we agreed to go along with another friend and our dh’s. So. Much. Fun. Their dealer room is loud and busy and chock full of books and all sorts of goods.

From cool puppetry to Elvira, there was something for everyone. Except maybe kids. There were even tattoos!

IMG_0246I went to a Q&A session for Nicholas Brendon. Don’t laugh at me: when I first saw him I was like “Who’s that cute guy?” Yes I’ve seen a bazillion episodes of Buffy. But Zander’s hair is shorter now, he had a hat on and some pretty hefty glasses. Anywho, the guy is a crack-up. Made me want to go rent Psycho Beach Party even.

IMG_1756The paranormal fair was meh. It’s the second one I’ve been to, and that one was meh, as well. Maybe ghosts are more exciting in our heads then at a convention? When I asked for library recommendations, every single one of them said “Read my book.” Not very helpful actually. I’m more wondering what their go-to books are. They only circled these questions whenever I brought them up. Go figure. We sat in on a discussion on haunted houses. That was interesting. Especially when I’m sitting here, writing this and my untouched cup just up and crashes to the floor into a million pieces. Go figure.

Looking forward to next year already :-).


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