PNWA Critique’s Are-a-Coming – Achoo!

Sick sick sick.


Me. Who eats freaking kale for lunch three days out of seven (Raw!!! Sometimes for breakfast AND dinner too!) Me who takes her vitamins and exercises. Pishaw. Whine whine whine.

Sorry, had to get it out.

Now, back to normal programming.

I’m done entering contests for the time being. It’s pretty stressful waiting for the to be’s and the not to be’s. For now I’m just going to write like a – well, writer, I guess and let that be my mode of transport to publication. Until life slows down that is.

My mail box is being waited on… the PNWA’s critiques are-a-coming. They should have been dropped in the mail by today. Like I know anything. I’m *hoping* that they’re dropped in the mail by today.

Here’s the deal. I have until July 25th to polish my manuscript for Going In. The critiques I’ll match to the feedback I’ve gotten / will get from my readers, and see what needs to be added, changed or fixed.

All of this because sometimes you think you know what your story is about until you see it through someone else’s eyes. If enough people have the same idea, then it probably has some merit. At least that’s what I believe.

This is a *thang* because I need to be able to talk about my story in a way that shows I understand it, love it, live it, and that I can sell it to a starving flea.

That’s pretty much it for now.

Gonna drag my sick white butt to bed and wait patiently for tomorrow’s mail drop :-).


PS I just updated my “What She Writes” section and put up the synopsis/pitch for Going In. Grin.


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