Horror Rant

I’m feeling better but my head is still in the clouds just a bit. This isn’t altogether a bad thing, being the weather has been so nice :-).

Still no critique’s but I’m sure they will show up any minute now – if the post man didn’t deliver them to our evil neighbor that is. They have the same exact address except we’re Street and they’re Place. And they *say* they don’t speak English, but they do, and just use it as an excuse to steal my freaking mail. True story. Jerks.

Anyhow! Yes, I’m rambling, and it’s ’cause I’m not all there (I’m not here either – but that’s another story.)

I have a horror rant to share with you all.

To catch everyone up to speed (seems to be my catch phrase of late) I went to Crypticon Seattle on Memorial weekend. This may be confusing to some, as in, why would a women’s fiction writer got to a horror convention? So I want to clarify my standing on horror and everything scary here, after seeing a blurb on Crypticon last night that my friend Sadie shared with me. The main focus of the clip, aired by Evening Magazine, is that Crypticon is for the family.

I humbly and whole heartedly disagree. No matter the flavor of horror, I still believe there are things that children should not see. You can’t un-see some things, as the dh says. There are all kinds of reasons that I could go into about just why we need to let our kids grow up first, before they see arterial blood spray and intestines being pulled out of corpses. None of which I’ll go into here. I’m guessing you all are intelligent enough to figure it out on your own.

I have a different taste for horror than the mass audience. I use to call it vintage horror, but now I’m wondering if it would be more accurate to call it horror for women, along the same lines as porn for women. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. When they started filming porn for women, the idea was that women need more emotion, more relationship to their sex to make it appealing. For what is sex without foreplay? I think the same goes for horror. What is horror without the relationships and emotion? It’s about the thrill of it all for me, not the blood, is where I’m going with it.

Now remember, I just equated horror with porn? Yeah, for good reason in my book. You have to be a certain age before you can digest this kind of information, make sense of it, reduce it to what it really is. Now I know, I know, there are a select group of humans who mature faster and won’t get scarred from such things, but these are really, in fact, few and far between.

Which brings us to the role of family at the convention. There were a lot of people there. The majority were adults, with a smattering of 13 year olds. And yet there were still young ones walking around wide eyed and scared looking. A part of me really wants to swap out scared with scarred.

At the con, my friends, dh and I, wandered around displays of blood and dismemberment – while our kids were at home with a sitter. The displays of gore were comical most of the time, yes. And yes, there was a star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer present. That show is on the creepy side, but not, all together, a freak fest. I want to be clear there were NOT any Vampire My Little Pony booths, or Curious George in Zombie Land actors present attempting to lure kiddos in. Not a one.

According to the above mentioned video, it seems it’s a fact that at least some of the people bringing their kids to such an event condone showing their young ones horror. Perhaps Friday movie night at their place is “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or a screening of the “Saw” movies. They are all like “Did you see how realistic that beheading was, Junior?” and “Did you see that chainsaw cut through that woman’s thigh bone like butter Baby Jane?”

Meh. And we wonder what’s wrong with this world?



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