Time To Get My Critique On

When I think of critiques, I don’t think of happy things, like kittens and lovely ceramic dishes painted in rainbows. Generally speaking critiques make me think of judges with sour faces and large boards with numbers on them, a la old school olympics rating system. That and the tears that follow. Certainly not the value that comes from such a thing.

If you asked me a few years back when I started sending in my 28 pages to the PNWA’s literary contest I would have told you  it was horrifying seeing my points come back. But then I started to read the feedback. And it hit me that in fact, it’s not the points that mean anything (though if you are one that got high points, you are truly a god/dess and I worship the ground you walk on.) It’s the comments.

When I finally had time to read my critiques, which came in either on Thursday or Friday, for the most part I was nodding in agreement and smiling at suggestions. I’ll admit though that there was at least one moment when I was scratching my head at the opposite opinions. Okay, well, two. Kind of funny :-). But I’ll take it.

It was awesome to hear some ideas for the forward direction of Going In. The list of questions have been sent off to my readers, to see if they agree or disagree. I feel a lot more confident going in to this last round of edits before I pitch at the PNWA.

In the end, I am grateful for the people who take time to volunteer and read our entries. Turns out, they give a good name to critiques. Not quite kittens and rainbows, but still.


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