Juggling Jenny

Just a quick note.

I’m working hard at life right now: balancing on my tiptoes on a large ball, holding a board over my head with a monkey on top of it, who just happens to be doing tricks. Sometimes I wobble and need to put my hand out for support. Actually, this happens a lot. (Thank you friends, family and hubby – without you I’d fall flat on my ass.) And others, I am trembling, in fear of falling over.

The creative writing process is taking a recharge moment as we speak. You wouldn’t believe how much food for thought is out there in the big bad world. One word of advice for anyone who has writers block: go live life to it’s fullest. After you’ve laughed so hard you cry, cried so hard you can’t breath, then taken a moment to inhale deep, slow breaths, then the words will flow. I can feel them percolating right now.

So much so that I had planned to skip NaNoWriMo this coming November, but lo and behold, I can hear the old story making machine kicking back to life. Like I’ve said before, I’m usually a planner. This time might be a messy soul dump though. Those are the harder ones to clean up if your brain isn’t in the game. Hopefully the last x many novels will have given me *some* structure though, and it will come out better than I fear.

I’ll get back to my hired job – ghostwriting a memoir – in another week or so. At the moment there are a few things I need to get under control first. That said, my mind is churning on the story I’m getting ready to slap down on paper. All kinds of insights are presenting themselves to me. I met with my boss lady recently and talked turkey – she’s excited to see the pre-edited draft. So am I :-).

It hits me in waves that I’m missing the PNWA’s conference this weekend. I feel sadness mixed with relief. Time-wise I could have gone, but that dead zone that’s right below my neck? Doesn’t make for such a great cheerleader it seems. And Incase no one shared this with you: 80%, maybe even 90% of writing is cheerleading.

Thanks for hanging on with me as I’m working on my balancing act. Maybe I should add juggling to my list of skills over on LinkedIn?


One thought on “Juggling Jenny

  1. Hang in there. I had the same feelings about missing the conference this year. And I too am juggling a couple of monkeys and spinning a lot of plates. You can do it, and so can I! Thanks for the commiseration.

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