Whoa Nelly

I’m *almost* back in the saddle again  :-). Or – well, I can see the saddle anyways. It’s over there —–>.

For the last two weeks I have hunkered down and kicked ass on the story I am ghost writing. For this, I am sure, the boss woman is grateful. And then, there’s the rest of my life going on in the side lines. Hoo boy.

I took Friday off in addition to the weekend to get some much-needed “no work” time. I’d call it “me” time, except that was only a small part of it. At one point on Friday I was getting a massage and found myself pondering possible story ideas and scene changes for other stories, but I reminded myself that this was a no work zone and got back to trying to remember how *not* to work.

The other day I watched a TedTalk on meditation. It was short, easy to understand and pretty good. I’d say that the time I was laying there, getting prodded and cajoled into health, that I may just have been meditating. That is to say, once I chastised myself for attempting to work when on hiatus. It was good, I can tell you that. Both the massage and the mental break.

Last week was a *mostly* non-social week for me. I made a point of not talking about, you know, things. This is because I’ve noticed my crankiness and the diarrhea-of-the-mouth syndrome (DOFTMS) going on lately, when people ask me pointed questions. Apologies if you were one of the poor unsuspecting people who encountered this DOFTMS phenomenon (do do – do do do.)

And honestly? I’m not a morbid girl. Oh, well – I *do* write horror/thriller short stories, yes, that’s true. Generally speaking, though, I keep my creepy side only for the written word.

I’m almost sure I’m all better, but the cranky part hasn’t fled. That one might take a while. So just leave me alone! Ha just kidding. I’m able to be social now, but I am a bit reserved still. It will get better.

Today I have time to do creative writing! Woo fricking hoo.

As you can tell I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me is excited to apply some new lessons I have learned from our monthly PNWA meeting. Mary Buckham came and shared some  good points about story structure that I’m anxious to apply. She’s really good, by the way.

Then the *other* part of me is saying I can’t write. Not like, it’s not technically possible? More like, I don’t know how the hell I wrote the last five books THAT I’VE DONE NOTHING WITH by the way. Maybe it was my alter ego. And then, how the hell am I supposed to get back on the horse, and actually do something with those stories? Thinking it and doing it are two entirely different animals.

I know, I know, the age-old answer is still true: Time.

Yes that’s what will help. It’s just scary being on this side of the horse pen. I see the story there, inside, roaming about. Waiting for me to get in there with a handful of hay and the saddle, bit, et al. Or erm, story structure, grammar police and editor hat. I know once I get in there it will be like I never stopped. But until then?


This is where I say “Giddy up!” right?

So not feeling it.

Ah well, see you in the pasture ;-).


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