I’m Sorry – or – It’s NaNoWriMo Time Again!

“I’m sorry. So sorry.”

This is what I feel like singing, as I go about planning my November. It’s that time again, NaNoWriMo’s month long event. Are you familiar with it? Basically, it’s writing a rough outline for a novel, in 50,000 words or more, in 30 days. Boom. That easy. Ha.

Well, and not doing my laundry until I *have to,* cooking as little as possible, and lying awake at night with words etched on my retina that can’t be blinked away. The insomnia thing might be created by too much coffee and or tea drinking – or from my brain working too hard.

Then there are write-ins with other crazy people, all night write-a-thons. And lot’s and lot’s of apologizing for the things I forgot to do because I was too preoccupied to remember I was supposed to (insert word here or choose from the following list: pick up Little Bear from school, bring snacks, turn in a report, make dinner, stay in the correct lane while driving, etc. etc.)

Knowing all of the side affects going in, just why would I – or anyone else for that matter – do such a thing? Why not just swallow the stories that bubble up in my throat like vomit and chase them with a shot of tequila? Or wheat grass juice, depending on the time of day of course. I don’t have an answer for you that would make sense. But, this crazy story creation thing might not be all bad. I mean, it does keep me centered and out of the drama vacuum that tries to suck me in. It channels my political angst. And boy howdy is there a *ton* of that going around right now.

This year the stories that crept up my throat are a group of related Science Fiction short stories. I’m not sure what sub-genre it will be yet. I just know that for me, it feels like women’s fiction is needing to take a break. I write this while a devilish voice whispers in my ear, “Yeah, right. Let’s just see what comes out of that brain of yours when the calendar pages are flipped to November.”

Let’s just see indeed.

Usually, when I just let my brain go, it results in a thriller, otherwise known as soft-horror. Well, once a women’s fiction piece about exercising came out during a free-write, but I think I see the parallel between horror and exercise, don’t you? No really, I like exercising, but it can be torture.

So what actually goes into planning a month of writing dangerously for me? Sometimes a lot, and sometimes it’s just me flying by the seat of my pants. That was last year. Last year I was already in creation mode so writing 1667 words a day was no biggy. I had it down to how many minutes a day I had to write to get that far (I think it was 90 minutes.) This year is going to take some planning though, between book-keeping and doing “paid” work.

So my planning? I’ve started making freezer meals. I’ll have five in the freezer by end of day today. Patting myself on the back for that one. I have three pages of ideas roughed out. My characters aren’t built yet, so I need to go do some people watching to fill that one in. Thankfully a trip is planned later in October so that will work out nicely.

I’m hoping to do 5 – 7 short stories, but it might turn into 15 shorter ones or 3 longer ones. Only time will tell. I’m not ready to talk about the world(s) I’ve started constructing. I might just hold off until November 1 to share that bit of info.

The synopsis for working title Bliss, goes like this: A series of short stories centered in a perfect town with perfect people living perfect lives. Life’s ultimate joke: If you have everything you want, will you want everything you have?

Really vague, I know, but it’s early yet.

So much fun!

And really, I’m sorry ;-).


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