Not just a cologne.

So much is going on in my life. I don’t really have the energy to spend my time on such a simple– pass time? Yeah, I want to say that, but it feels more like an emotion. It’s silly really.

For the record, I’m writing from Starbucks. There is a guy on the phone looking over my shoulder right now. Feels a little odd. Why is it so hard to create while someone is watching you? Funny – he must have read this. He turned away.

Okay – confession time. I am obsessed with…

Jenny Lawson. The Bloggess to some of you. She cracks me up. If I talked to her in person at all I don’t think any serious discussion could be had. I’d be laughing the whole time. Oh hell I think I really want to meet her. I’ll read her book first I think. But her blogs slay me.

It gets to the point where I’ll read her blogs and then re-read them. Followed by the need to read them out loud to my daughters and husband. Everyone is laughing or shaking their heads (guess who’s doing what, I dare you.) My husband even said that he didn’t believe her husband and her could have actual real conversations due to their smart assed-ness. I love it.

So Jenny Lawson? If you’re ever in the Seattle area I’m offering up my services as a tour guide right here and now.

I promise not to slobber on you in my obsession. Its more of a Single-White-Female-I-want-to-be-funny-like-you obsession. So no worries. I won’t take your lime light. I try to be funny again and again, but honey, I think they broke the mold when they created you. There is only one guy named Scott who is a fan of my comedy spiel so you’re safe. For those of you who know me: It’s not even my husband.

Jenny? Hit me up and I’m yours.

The rest of you? If you need a laugh, go peek at her blog. I’ll even lend you a copy of her book when I’m done reading it. Or you know, go buy it yourself.

Don’t, however, go buy the cologne Obsession. It was popular in the 80’s, and I admit to following more than one boy who was scented as such. My mantra, however, remains. What happened in the 80’s should stay in the 80’s. Just say’n.


2 thoughts on “Obsession

    • What Jenny doesn’t know is that with the two of us at the helm of a Seattle tour… OMG we must do this. We must. We’d be fabulous tour guides. For the sick and twisted, yes. But fabulous none the less.

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