Pain in the K-Neck

Stress sucks. My neck is sore from worrying about things I didn’t even know were bothering me. What’s up with that? And why is it that I want to spell neck: k-n-e-ck? My k-neck needs a massage today…

Something going on with me is that when I blog, I kind of want to avoid talking about work.  I hope no one minds. I keep my “About Me” and my “What She Writes” updated, don’t get me wrong. And there are even moments when I want to shout out to the roof tops cool stuff. So I do that on twitter (maybe I’ll start that on Facebook too. Hm.)

Psssst. I’m talking to you. Go follow me on Twitter: @jenniferdouwes. I’ve got funnies and deep thoughts on food to share. And I’d rather read *your* updates than the advertisement kind. *NOTE I hit send on this before it was ready ’cause the kiddling asked me a question. Sorry for the typo. All better now. 

But life can be so much more interesting to talk about than my day job ;-). Yes, I write every day, save weekends. I’m working on several projects all-at-once. Some of them more exciting than others, WINK. Well, a few of them are exciting.

Recently, of note, in the Big Bad World: The Husband and I have joined AGHOST as ghost hunters. I kid you not. I’ve been fascinated with this line of study for years. I think I heard you snickering over there. It really is a line of study the way Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma does it. It’s *nothing* like the TV shows make it look. So excited! I’ll share when I get to go on an investigation, and anything cool that goes on.

Norwescon, the Science Fiction and Fantasy geek convention the family and I work at over Easter weekend is only three months away! Yikes. That is beginning to make my shoulders bunch up. I will be a volunteer in the green room helping to serve food to the peeps running the panels. It’s fun. I’m excited about it. Banging my head with the palm of my hand and wondering why I decided to do it again, yes. It’s a lot of work. But it will all be worth it afterwards. Right? RIGHT?

That’s it for updates right now. Look at that, just writing this helped my k-neck ache ease up a bit. Nice.


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