Dude, Where’s my Draft (Button)

I’m going to start by saying I’m sorry for the last un-finished blog. If you come to my site it’s edited and in good shape. So, so sorry for the shape that guy was in.  I have ginormous guilt about not hitting that “Save Draft” button yesterday. Like HUGE. But I have an excuse. Well, kind of.

Ok ok okay so it goes like this. I was writing along, the kiddling – Little Bear to be precise, comes in and asks me a question about laundry.

“How much is enough in a load?”

“It needs to be full all the way, with this much,” my hands are in the shape of a large eye or a gaping mouth, “on the top.” This is not her first parade, mind you.

She looked contemplative and began to walk away. Before she made it to the hallway she turned and said, “I think I did it right.”

“Okay – but we need to make sure that we don’t put in half empty loads either.” Her frown deepened.

I’m typing away on the computer thinking I should just hit “Save Draft” and go see what’s what. Only when I look up at  her, she’s starting to melt. A tantrum is on its way. What do we do when a tantrum surfaces? Ignore it. So I kept going.

“Will you just look at it, mom?” spoken in that strangled voice that is the start of much worse. My hand moved to hit “Save Draft” but instead clicked on “Publish.” I stood, a cold sweat broken out on my forehead. It took only seconds to realize what I had done.

‘Cause you see, my inner editor just had a coronary.

Crisis diverted with the kiddling, my blog got edited properly – after the fact. In the end it was okay. But in the mean time too many people got sent that half-assed blog and I felt awful about it.

So yeah, I’ll work extra hard to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Sorry.


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